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Blue Monday

Don't let the winter blues get you down


Little Boy Blue come blow your horn. On second thought, go away and take that bloody horn with you.

I hate the colour blue. I don't usually, but this time of year the colour blue is a sad SAD colour. Did you know the third Monday (typically) of January is officially the most depressing day of the year? That's right friends, it's Blue Monday.

But I'm relieved to report that as someone who battles Seasonal Affective Disorder (last year it kicked my butt), I have yet to feel its icy fingers wrapped around my happy place.

Maybe it's the unusually bright and mild winter we've been having? Perhaps it's my commitment to finally get the sleep I need. Or maybe those vitamins I've been taking have actually done the trick?*

Whatever it is, I'm just happy to be happy.

In honour of Blue Monday, here are Ten Edible Blues. Be sure to enjoy at least one of these today, on Blue Monday—let's eat our blues, literally. 

Fresh blueberries (kept them intact or they'll turn purple and ruin your blue streak)

Blue corn chips

Blue Jello

Blue Lagoon (made with Blue Curacao...I just had a flashback to 1994 and I liked it)

Blue Powerade

Blue M & Ms (the bulk store LOVES it when you pick out a specific colour from the bin)

Blue Bubble Gum Ice-Cream

Concord Grapes (well, they're blue-ish)

Blue Gummy Anythings

Blue Cheese

By the way..."There is no known navy blue food. If there is navy blue food in the refrigerator, it signifies death."  Erma Bombeck

Can't find anything blue to eat? No worries, just put on a blue movie. That should lift your spirits.

*Addendum: This post was written last year when I was a sleep superstar. This year, not so much. Truth be told, I haven't been sleeping well at all... hence a new blue food item, blue sleeping pills. Sigh. More to come on that soon.