Lisa Thornbury: Party Mummy


Be Organized So Your Party Will Rock

Organized and Ready To Party - Part 2

In my opinion, the most important factor in determining whether your party will fly or flop is organization. Your guests won't know you spent the few remaining hours before the party in panic mode, but you will. And really, what’s the point of entertaining if it’s not fun for YOU? As they say, “A happy hostess sets the tone.” Maybe nobody actually says that, but it’s true. Guests take their cues from you. If you're relaxed and having fun, your guests are sure to follow.  But if little Bo Beep has lost her sh*t, the guests will surely wander. My point is, be organized and avoid the hectic last minute scramble so your party will rock.

Here’s one very simple way to keep organized in the days leading up to your party.

I call this the “Party Bucket” or depending on the type of party, the “Sin Bin.”

What is it? A tub of some kind. Nothing fancy. Preferably with handles.

What goes in it? All items for an upcoming party go in this tub exclusively. Collect napkins, party decorations, favours, candles, etc. as you find them on sale or pull from your own stash and stow them in the bucket. Keep task lists, schedules, party music CDs, etc. in the bucket as well.

How is this helpful? Everything is in one spot. This makes it easy for you to take stock of what you have and prevents things from going missing. It travels easily with you if your party is off-site.  Keep banner bags, containers for decorations, etc. in the bucket during the event and you’ll be able to repackage these items and store until your next party.

Party on, party mamas!

~ Party Mummy