I Scored The Perfect Father's Day Gift!

Signature Authentics for the Sport Loving Dads

I Scored The Perfect Father's Day Gift!

Have you found the perfect Father’s Day gift for the dad in your life?

Ties are tired…

BBQ accessories are so yesterday…

Garden rake, shovel, power sprayer? They scream (in a shrill fishwife voice), “Get to work ya big lug!” After opening the Weed Whacker we gave him last year, my dear hubby said, “Clearly you want me to do some work around the garden??”  He was right, of course, but The Weed Whacker was on sale and we needed one, so naturally I blamed the kids and told him THEY picked it out.

This year I'm going to score major “wife of the year” brownie points by presenting the best dad in the world with a gift that will show him how special his kids (and I) know he is. Plus, there is no yard work required. See what I mean about the brownie points?

I first became of aware of Signature Authentics when they generously donated one of their sports memorabilia photos for our “Weekend To End Women’s Cancers” silent auction last year. I approached them again a few weeks ago and asked if they would donate another photo for our “Elmo Family FUNdraiser”. They did. And it was a much sought after prize. I decided right then that THIS was the gift I would bestow upon my “DaddyCaddy” husband this year. He eats, sleeps and breathes golf, so this Father’s Day we are going to surprise him with a “Masters Champs” golf photo of Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer embracing after a round at the Masters ($80)..  Wife...of....the...year. Takes a bow.

Do you have a sports enthusiastic on your Father’s Day shopping list? Check out the Signature Authentics’ website and have a look at their beautiful framed photos. The site can be tricky to navigate so if you can't find what you're looking for, give them a call (they're really nice) or pop into their Mississauga store.

The hockey fan on your list would love ‘Golden Goal.’ The famous photo of Crosby’s overtime gold medal winning goal. (Available in 14x18 or 22x26 framed sizes for $80 and $200).

For the baseball fan? A Jose Bautista Blue Jays photo. He’s currently the best player in baseball and Jays record breaking slugger. (11x14 photo and 8x10 action in 26x22 frame is $200 or autographed 16x20 photo in 22x26 frame is $400).

They are offering free shipping within the GTA for orders over $100. Mention the blog and receive 20% off your order. Orders for delivery within the GTA received by June 13 will be delivered by June 17th GUARANTEED or you will receive a full refund.

Happy Father’s Day everybody!

~Party Mummy

*This is not a sponsored blog post. I just happen to love the product and thought I’d share this fab find.



Simple Storage Solutions for Your Party Supplies

Get Organized and Ready To Party

Simple Storage Solutions for Your Party Supplies

Several years and dozens of “Happy Birthday Banners” later, I finally realized I was buying the same party supplies over and over again. I wised up and implemented a simple, budget savvy storage solution and I’m happy to report I haven’t purchased a new birthday banner in ages.

How Organize Your Party Supplies

Buy a large gift bag organizer

Delegate each section as you see fit i.e. by party type: adult birthday, child birthday, Halloween or Christmas, baby shower, bridal shower, miscellaneous (balloons, streamers, noise makers, etc.)

Sort supplies into each section

Store themed paper napkins in sealed Ziplock bags in a bin along with plastic cups, straws, paper plates, plastic cutlery, etc.

Before you hit the party supply store, check your stash and REUSE what you already have.


Wedding Planning Made Interactive

And Easy, Thanks to Technology!

Wedding Planning Made Interactive

All across the nation women are forgoing carbs and doing pilates, test driving a variety of updos, waxing hither and dither and spray tanning themselves into the beautiful bride they’d always hoped they’d be. It’s....wedding season!

You may be surprised to know that I found planning my wedding to be the most joyous task ever. EVER. Here's another shocker, I didn’t let anybody help me. I made the invitations, wrote the ceremony and vows (ok, not my fiance’s. I actually allowed him to do that) and selected each and every detail. Just to be clear, I was NOT a Bridezilla, but merely a "Planning Nerd" in her Planning Nerd nirvana.

Back then (my God that makes me feel old) the interweb was nothing like it is today, but I did manage to set up a primitive wedding website. It was lame, and ugly and difficult to navigate. Also, I somehow set the accompanying music to a dark Gregorian chant that stuck. I tried to find the site to show you, but the link is long since dead. Oh well, at least the marriage is still alive and well.

Today, brides (and grooms if they’re given permission) have many great choices for sharing their bliss with friends and family online. Recently a friend showed me the online wedding invitation she received via WedSimple.com.  I poured over the site trying out different invitation layouts and checking out the great features. Sigh. Planning Nerd alert.

I’m not affiliated with the site, but just wanted to share. If you’re a bride-to-be or know somebody who is, have them take a look. There’s a free trial. After that there are packages, i.e. $60 for a year. The site has lots of planning tools, a blog to update guests about the progress toward the big day, a place to tell your “how we met” story, high quality photo sharing, online invitations and RSVP options and something I WISH I’d had, a keepsake CD.

Sadly, there is no Gregorian chant music option.

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*Photos credit to:  Awkwardfamilyphotos.com