Lisa Thornbury: Party Mummy


April Fools' Day Jewels

The History of April Fools Pranks

I am the child of pranksters, I married a jokester and my children appreciate the sheer magic of a whoopie cushion. I am a blessed fool.

This is why April 1st brings such joy to our home. We've pulled off a few golden pranks over the years but none compare to the genius of these. But first...

...the History of April Fools' Day

And now, a cute one. The Flying Penguins (my kids LOVED this & totally fell for it!)

A true April Fools' Day Classic: The 1957 Spaghetti Harvest

And this in honour of happy hearted, fun people everywhere—the best Math Teacher Ever! (If he was my teacher in high school, I might actually be able to balance my cheque book today.)

Happy April Fools' Day!

Lisa.... Big Fool