Lisa Thornbury: Party Mummy


All About Champagne

Move Over Mr. Bubbles, Bring On The Champers!

For me, the word “bubbles” conjures up images of blowing endless soapy spheres for my kids until I pass out.  But with New Year’s Eve approaching, it’s time to burst those parental connotations and embrace the most effervescent image of all – “Bubbly.” Bring on the champers!

Did you know there are approximately 49 million bubbles in the average bottle of champagne? Now that’s bubbly baby (Just a little Cliff Clavin trivia for you to share during your New Year’s celebration). 

What Kind To Buy?

Champagne is classified by its level of sweetness. If like your champagne very dry and not too sweet, choose a Brut.  It’s the driest of the lot. Extra-dry is a bit sweeter, but still fairly dry. Sec or Dry champagne falls in the medium range of sweetness. If you like it sweet, choose a Demi-sec which is the sweetest variety.

How Much to Buy For Your Party?

A 750-ml bottle will yield six glasses. If you’re serving one glass per guest for a midnight toast, you’ll only need one bottle for every six guests. (Yes, I did that math in my head). If you're serving sparkling wine at cocktail party, you'll want at least one bottle for every 3 guests.

Serving Sparkling Wines With Style

To get the most bubble for your buck, sparkling wines must be served cold. Refrigerate them for at least three hours or put them in a sink or bucket filled with ice. I use our laundry tub (and almost always remember to remove my fine under-things that are soaking there first).


Champagne flutes, if you have them, are best for serving sparkling wines. Their narrow openings help conserve the bubbles by limiting the exposed surface area.  Personally, I find it hard to remain bubbly for long. It’s hard to be witty and engaging past 10 pm these days...

Happy New Year! May bubbles dance on your tongue and tickle your nose.

~Party Mummy, Straight Up