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How to Choose a Non-Ridiculous Name for Your Baby So They Won't Hate You

And The Secret I Kept From My Husband For Nine Months

Choosing a name for your baby

I'm always interested in hearing how people choose their baby's names. Did you choose that name because you’ve always loved it? Or maybe you heard it in a song once? Is it a family name, or perhaps it just has a nice ring to it?

I have some questions for you. Always with the questions. Enquiring minds…

Did you do the initial test? Did you write out your child’s potential full name to make sure their initials don’t spell “POO” or “ASS?” If you name your child Sarah Olivia Brown, she’ll be known as an SOB her whole life and that’s on you.

How did you reveal your baby’s name? Did you call her by her given name from the time you found out the sex (if you did) and let everyone know via Facebook update that “Baby Bethany just kicked!” or “Baby Bethany is breach!

Or did you kept your unborn child’s name under wraps until he was born?

My husband and I fell somewhere in between those scenarios. We had a baby name reveal party — just for a few close family members including the grandparents and godparents. It was mostly just an excuse for a party. Pregnant women will go to great lengths to have food made for them. We held this party later into the pregnancy when we were confident that this one was “for real.” (Those who have miscarried know what I’m talking about.)

Somewhere around dessert we shared the boy and girl name options for our soon to be born kiddo. We kept it a surprise for everyone else. I’d do the same again. It felt special to share this very personal choice with the people closest to us.

The downside of sharing your baby’s name ahead of time is that everyone will have an opinion about it, positive or negative. Like, “Oh, Sebastian. Really? That seems like a very big name for a little baby.” Well, turns out he was a very large baby so it all worked out.

Did you practice saying your child’s name aloud to make sure it sounds right when put all together? You really should.

We liked the named Quinn for a girl. And we already knew the middle name we’d use. Elisabeth (a combo of Lisa from me, and Elizabeth from my mom). But if you say it out loud, it’s problematic. Go ahead, try it out. 

For our second child we made a list of favourite boy and girl names (even though I secretly already knew the baby’s gender. My husband did not).

Avery Elisabeth was our girl pick left over from last time. I'd heard Avery used as a boy's name, but loved the sound of it for a girl. Also, it should be noted that I have a thing for syllables. I like the first and last names to match. It's a rhythmn thing. 

My husband fretted over a boy name. I pretended to care, but since I knew Avery was on her way, I wasn’t as invested in choosing the perfect male name.

I suggested Grady or Griffin. My two top choices. Not that I cared, because like I said, GIRL CHILD ON THE WAY!!!! Fist pump

We both liked Kingsley, but when we performed the mandatory “Say your kid’s name aloud test” we agreed that Kingsley Thornbury was best suited to a child a child of regal decent. Could you imagine the flack we’d get for Quinn Elisabeth and Kingsley Thornbury? We’d have to roll out a red carpet and toot a little horn every time they stepped onto the playground.

So when my husband told me he had his heart set on Grayson (Gray is a family name and the boy would be our son so, Gray-Son. My husband is big on symbolism obviously.) I graciously let him have it. heh heh 

When our daughter Avery was born, my husband said through tears, “I’m shocked.”

“That we have a girl?” I asked.

No, that you could actually keep a secret for once.” he replied.

And then I called him a name. I won’t tell you which one. ;) 

What are your kids’ names and how did you pick them?

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