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Now THIS Is How You End the School Year

Host an End of School Wine Party!

Now THIS Is How You End the School Year

As the school year comes to a close, I want to mingle and party but...I'm tired. So my neighbours and I take turns hosting easy "Wine-d Down Parties." It's simple and casual and the perfect way to head into summer. 

When school officially ends, my school-mom-sistahs and I go our separate ways—road trips, family vacations, and camping. Summer is... "in-tents." Pun intended. So this party is pretty much our only opportunity for quality time together before we all scatter into the summer winds.

Our party manifesto is simple: eat, drink, and be merry—kidless and fancy free. 

Because we're all bascially "done like dinner" with tedious tasks like making school lunches and serving ANYONE, this party has one rule. Simplicity.  

The host must swear on a stack of bibles and sign a blood oath that she will keep the party prep to a bare minimum. You're allowed to clean your house—but only half assed. And on that note, you're permitted to clean your bathroom...but only the one guests will be using. 

And what about fancy appies and killer cocktails garnished with fruit and sprigs of things? Nope. I love a creative cocktail, but remember the rule? Keep it SIMPLE. This means no fancy pants efforts of any kind. 

Here's how we throw it down and unwind...

Each mom brings a bottle of wine, an easy appetizer, and any required serving plates/utensils (which they will bring home with them to wash). See? Simple!

The hostess is in charge of the minimalist décor. As long as there are wine glasses, a large bucket filled with ice to chill the wine, and a comfy place for guests to also chill, the hostess has met her obligations. 

Why wine? Because this:

Woodbridge Wines are fruit-forward, smooth, and balanced which makes them perfect for sipping with friends on the patio. Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, and White Zinfandel are consistently great-tasting with light fruit aromas.

If you love wine cocktails, there are some great wine cocktail recipes here! 

Simple snacks to make or bring

Chips - Yes, straight out of the bag is perfectly acceptable.

BBQ Nachos - Love 'em! I shared my favourite nacho recipe here. So easy and so tasty. Line aluminum pie plates with nacho chips and shredded jack cheese. Guests heat them up on the BBQ and then garnish with the toppings provided. Done! Plus, oh-my-goodness-good. 

Nuts n' Such - (How much do I enjoy saying nuts n' such? So, so much.) I grab a 4-6 items...maybe 4 salty/2 sweet...from the Bulk Barn and arrange them on a plate or sectioned dish and this snack is ready to go.

Veggies and Dip - Have you tried avocado hummus? Amazing. 

Salad Kebobs - Oh how I love a kebob. Food on a stick is the best. I made this in minutes and served with a bottled avocado ranch dressing. 

Buffalo Cauliflower "Wings" - These may bend the "simple only" rule a bit, but this recipe isn't too difficult and these "wings" are so worth it!! Get the recipe here.

Cheese Ball - Buy it already made and serve with a box of crackers. Bam!

Something sweet - Cake or cookies are perfect.

And of course, wine. Have you tried any of the white wines from Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi? You'll find them in the California section of your local liquor store.

I made these Wine Slushies inspired by the fruity flavours of Woodbridge wines for another party (still pretty simple, but these wine cocktails require a *bit* more prep). Serve these once and your friends will be back for more! Click here for the recipe and fruit combination suggestions.

What do YOU do to make simple moments worth sharing? Who do you share them with? How? When? Where? I'd love to know! Visit for more recipes, serving tips and check out the wine pairing app that provides recommendations of what wine to serve with your food.

Go on and wine'd down mamas! You deserve it. Cheers!