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Spritz Your Wine Pink

Make A Pink Lady This Summer

How to make a Pink Lady white wine spritzer

I'm not a wine snob. I'll happily drink an $8 bottle of white without complaint unless it's awfully oaky or sickly sweet. Then I'll scrunch up my nose and wine whine until somebody refills my glass. 

I also enjoy a spritzer—the usual kind, soda and wine over ice. These wine spritzers make a refreshing, alcohol and calorie-wise alternative to a regular glass of wine.

This summer my sister in law introduced me to a new way to spritz. She calls this drink "The Pink Lady." Sure, it's not as calorie friendly as its traditional spritzer sister and it *may* be a titch boozier, but it's goooooood. And the recipe is so simple it'll make your cheeks blush pink. 

Why partake in a Pink Lady?

  • It's pretty and pink.
  • It's refreshing and delish.
  • It's fruity and fun.  
  • Sometimes we crave a little novelty in our glass.
  • It's an easy way to make an $8 bottle of wine taste less, um, $8-ish. 

So...let's spritz!

 Fill a glass with ice.

 Fill 3/4 with white wine.

 Top with your choice of carbonated wine or vodka cooler. The kind you buy in a can. We used the Palm Bay Ruby Grapefruit and it was delightful. 

 Garnish with whatever fruit you have around. I recommend a sliced strawberry stolen from your child's dinner plate.

Cheers! Looking good, Pink Lady!

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