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How You Can Host An Easy And Economical Craft Party

No Muss, No Fuss

Tie dye party

So you have a crafty kid, do you? A child who loves a home party, you say? No need to panic. Here's a suggestion for an easy and entertaining home party that anyone can host without busting your hump.


  A few themed party items. I bought tie dye cups, napkins and a table cloth from the party store on sale. Keep in mind, no child worth his sugar cares how the party is styled as long as there's cake.

  Glow Sticks. I found star shaped sticks at the Dollar Store.

  Tie Dye (for lazy people) Supplies... more about that in a second. 

  Loot bags. Haha, I kid. I don't do loot bags—unless they're a DIY craft like the ones we made at our party. Read on....

And of course sustenance: cake (I ordered a DQ ice cream cake adapted a 60s theme to look tie dyed), pizza, snacks, juice boxes and booze (for you.... this is optional, but recommended).

THE CRAFT: You could go nuts and buy one of these Tie Dye Kits—there are tons to choose from. OR you could keep your sanity in tact and your carpet in its original condition by doing "Sharpie Tye Dying." 

Sharon suggested this awesome option. I owe her large. And you will too once you read how ridiculously fast, easy and mess-less these t-shirts are! Bask in her brilliance right here: HOW TO MAKE SHARPIE TIE DYE T-SHIRTS

TIP: Cover an ottoman in a plastic table cloth, put on a movie and let them eat while they watch. I'm telling you, the silence and absence of chaos is glorious. 

Then let the birthday girl/boy open presents (If you even do prezzies that is. Some years we do, others we don't). This year we went old school and let Avery open gifts in front of her friends.

Here's a fun way to do it. 

  Have guests sit in a large circle with their gift in front of them.

  The birthday person goes around the outside of the circle while singing "Eeny meeny" or spelling out B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y and tapping each friend on the head. The last head touched is the gift they open. If they land on somebody whose gift has been opened already, move onto the next person until all the gifts have been opened. 

 Assign one or two of the more "antsy pants kids" to be in charge of collecting the paper and gift bags. 

  Take a photo of the birthday child with each guest and the gift they opened to keep track of who gave what. Email the photo to each guest with your thanks. 

Between gifts and guest pick up, send kids with glow sticks to a dark room (basement) for a game of Glow Stick Tag. What is that? Basically kids run around screaming waving their Glow Sticks in the air. They love it. I know. Kids are weird. 

Send guests home with their tie dyed t-shirt in their personalized loot bag (coloured canvas bags from the Dollar Store decorated with puff paint and sparkly gems). When the last guest has been picked up, crack open your booze of choice and toast yourself for being such a fan-fricken-tastic party planner. 

Thanks for reading. I hope you learned something new tie dye (Read that in an Australian accent).  Heh heh... 

Party on. 



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