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Gift Cards Are Boring

Here's How To Make Them Brilliant!

I used to think GIFT CARDS were lazy. Hostess gifts, teacher gifts, thank you gifts had to be special, unique, and, gosh darn it, thoughtful.

That was then. This is now. And "now" is alarmingly busy. Suddenly gift cards aren't lazy, they're essential! Yes, they can be boring and seemingly a last minute slap dash attempt at a present, but they don't have to be.

Here's a SIMPLE way to turn ordinary gift card gifting into something unique, special, and pretty darn thoughtful: 

1. Choose a gift card for a product or service you know the recipient would appreciate.

2. Determine the denomination. Totally up to you and depends upon a variety of circumstances. 

3. Think up a caption. We bought the kids' teachers gift cards for a popular Mexican restaurant near the school, so our "hook" was, "Thank you MUCHO for a great year!" 

4. Take a photo(s) to support your caption. 

5. Create a greeting card. We did ours at Wal-Mart online, but there are lots of different places that do this. Our cards were ready for in-store pick up within one hour. They're good quality and come with an envelope. Cost: $2.00 per card, which ends up being about the same as buying a generic card and a gift bag. 

6. Put your caption on the front cover, type a short a message on the inside of the card, and send off for printing.

7. Handwrite an additional personal message inside the card, insert the gift card, and that's it!

This entire process from initial idea to gift delivery took less than 30 minutes. Nobody said thoughtful couldn't be quick and easy. 

OTHER HOOK IDEAS? (Feel free to add your ideas to the comments. I'd love to read/steal them!)

Coffee Gift Card: "Thank you! You've BEAN a great friend." (Photo of you holding onto a cup of java or sniffing a bag of coffee beans) or "You put a smile on my mug." (Photo of you with a big stupid grin.)

Spa Gift Card: "Thanks for putting up with me this year." (Photo of your child in a robe with cucumber slices on his/her eyes.)

Movie Gift Card: "I'm ready for my close up, Mr. Demille." (Photo of you or your child with their face shmushed right up close to the camera lens.)

Liquor Store Gift Card: "Thank you for lifting my spirits. It's my turn to lift yours." (Photo of you raising a wine glass in a toast. Lampshade hat optional.)

*This is not a sponsored post. I paid for the restaurant gift cards and the greeting cards with my own pesos. :) 

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