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Celebrate The World Cup: How To Host A Kickin' Soccer Party

Have A Ball!

From league play to impromptu matches in my living room, my kids are obsessed with Canada’s number one sport. With the World Cup in full swing, the entire planet has been whipped into a “football” frenzy.  Why not try to capture some of this enthusiasm by hosting a neighbourhood soccer party?

Here are some simple tips for throwing your own SOCCER SHINDIG:

Invite players from your soccer team, friends from school and soccer enthusiasts from the neighbourhood. Organize a parents vs. kids game or kids vs. kids with parent refs and cheering squad. Make sure teams are evenly matched for friendly competition. 

 Rent a local field for an inexpensive hour of play (contact your city hall) or use a big back yard or local park.

 Keep adult eyes and ears open for safety and sportsmanship. Nothing spoils a game more than blood, sweat and tears. Oh wait, sweat is actually encouraged.

 Ask players to bring their own recognizable water bottle to keep on the sidelines for hydration (see above re: sweat).

 Use pinnies, different coloured t-shirts (World Cup team colours), or ribbons to identify teams.

 Continue the fun off the field with a backyard potluck BBQ. Show videotaped highlights of your neighbourhood game (or a World Cup match) on the big screen!

Ole, ole ole ole, ole...ole... 


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