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How Social Media Is Killing Your Party

Where's the party?

I'm afraid for our brains. Not in a zombie apocalypse way, but in a the-internet-is-turning-our-brains-into-swisss-cheese way. 

I'm on my computer all day and then on my smart phone to some extent for the evening.


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It's my job. There, that's my excuse. But there's no excuse for everyone and his cousin's brother to be online 24/7, is there? 

Living life digitally is REWIRING OUR BRAINS. I'm sure of it. Case in point, my attention span has noticeably shortened. I have at least six screens open on my computer at any given time, and I flit back and forth between screens like a humming bird. It's not healthy. 

And what about our eyeballs? Straining to make out digital text can't be great for our vision. 

I don't have a doctor's note to corroborate these claims, but I know I'm right. Google it and you'll see that back pain, carpal tunnel, weight gain, anxiety, depression, and a myriad of other health issues have been linked to internet addiction. 

And let's not forget the social implications. Or more accurately, the "anti-social" implications. Visited a doctor's office lately? Magazines are so 2003. Chances are 95% of the people in the waiting room will be on some kind of device. Magazines are germy, I get it. But wow, it's quite shocking when you really take a look at this phenomenon. 

The same applies to parties and other social events. People are so busy posting pics to Instagram and texting friends who aren't with them. It's weird and wrong, and a total buzzkill. 

But what's most disturbing to me is tweens and teens walking (or riding their bikes) home from school, oblivious to the world around them as they look down at their phones. 

It's time to look up people!

Watch this:

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photo credit: Federico_Morando via photopin