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13 Terrible Teen Gifts

Can Anyone Help Out This Gift-Challenged Auntie? Seriously!

My beautiful niece is turning thirteen this month. I've racked my brain, but the girl is impossible to buy for. She's stylish, on trend, and already has the newest thing before it's even a thing yet. So, what's an aunt to do? 

I've made a list, but all I can come up with is terribly inappropriate gifts, like . . . 

  • a year membership to Adults Only Video
  • leather pants
  • massage oils
  • a cigarette rolling machine
  • liquor filled chocolates
  • a gift certificate for a couples massage
  • pole dancing lessons
  • a My Little Pony bong
  • a Greyhound bus ticket to Vegas
  • a case of Redbull
  • lingerie
  • a membership
  • an iron

Although making this list gave me a laugh, I'm no closer to finding a great gift for my niece. Please PLEASE help me. No really. This isn't a ploy to get you to leave me an elusive blog comment. I sincerely need suggestions. What does one buy for a 13-year-old girl these days? 

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