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Five EASY Pranks To Pull On Your Kids

Gags And Giggles Are Good For The Soul

I look forward to April Fools' Day every year, but there's a lot of pressure to come up with the perfect prank. I gave up on trying to "get" my husband years ago. Most of my friends too. They claim they can see it coming from a mile away. Really Sharon? Remember this epic prank? Thank you for not calling the police by the way. So I'm just left with my kids now. At ages ten and seven I figure I only have a few years left before they're onto me.

I don't like messy tricks because I just end up having to clean up after them. Scaring the bejesus outta my children isn't fun for me either. Okay, yes it is, but they won't forgive me for months. Mean-spirited tricks that hurt or embarrass people are never funny—with the exception of a handful on You Tube. (I'm going to hell for laughing at those.) I don't do wasteful gags either. Like the toothpaste filled Oreos. It's funny, but hello, that's a waste of a perfectly delicious snack! And pranks that take a lot of planning or props or forethought or effort don't work for me either. I'm lazy. 

So here are five SIMPLE gags to play on kids. Feel free to add suggestions to the comment section (please!) so we can all act like silly fools together next week. (Which is unlike any other day, how exactly?)

1. Pack a silly school lunch. Bonus points for being gross.

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2. Bed Switch. When your kids are sleeping soundly, carry them into each other's beds. When they wake up, they'll wonder whose bed they're in. (Been there, done that. Hello 1990s. Just kidding-ish.)

3. Baking soda in the toilet. Why? Urine + Baking Soda = Foamy Fun In A Bowl

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4. Try this cute Butter Fingers gag

5. Fake Milk Splatter! Make this portable spill (Easy to make — Directions here). Put it on your keyboard beside an empty kids' cup. Freak out and ask for the guilty party to fess up. Heh heh. 

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If you're looking for some other ways to be foolish, here are forty more

*Rubber Chicken Image Source: which is the exact name I'd have chosen if I had my own website.