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Rather Curl Up On The Couch Than Paint The Town Red?

Then You Might Be A Hermit Crab

My house isn’t spotless, *steps over tumbleweed of dog hair* nor is it a showplace decorated to the nines. My house is a home; enthusiastically lived in and comfortable. It’s my favourite place to be. Though I enjoy a spirited night out now and then, I’m more of a homebody. And despite last weekend's gluttonous inhalation of a Costco sized bag of potato chips, I don’t mean to infer that my rear is the size of a house…though a few thousand miles on the treadmill couldn’t hurt. I mean to say, I prefer to entertain at home. 

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Our house is open concept and the kitchen is the epicentre. I spend about 82% of my time there. I chat with dinner guests while I toss a salad, help my children with their homework as I take a homemade casserole (frozen pizza) out of the oven, or follow the story line of a cerebral documentary (Gossip Girl) in the den while making the kids’ lunches for the next day. The kitchen is my happy place.

I’m a former work-outside-the-home mom who, due to circumstances I never imagined, now works from home. We recently turned my upstairs office into a guest room and moved my office to the kitchen. I can now wheel my office chair directly to the fridge without ever having to stand up. This doesn't bode well for my homebody.

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I’m learning to embrace my inner Helen Homemaker, while raising two wonderful children and one hilarious husband. I cook whole-heartedly, bake optimistically, and clean sporadically — while silently cursing my neighbour (the one with the weekly maid service).

I try to run a tight ship over here; some days it’s a breeze and we sail right along. While admittedly, there are other days… well, it’s sink or swim basically. Despite all that, I love being at home. A little too much. I live at home (obviously...where else would I live?), I work at home and I play at home. I fear I'm becoming a hermit crab. 

Do you feel so cozy at home that you find yourself opting to stay in more often than you used to? Is this necessarily a bad thing? Is this a common effect of working from home? Should I fight it or just go with it? We crustaceans have a lot of questions...

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Orignal Hermit Crab Photo Credit: Vanessa Pike-Russell via photopin