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Is Party Mummy A Party Pooper?

How The Game Has Changed

If you’re my friend, I’ll stick with you for as long as you’ll have me. I’m like a lobster and lobsters mate for life. Not that I mate with my friends. Well, except for one friend, who also happens to be my husband and my best friend. And if you're mad at me and you won’t accept my phone calls, I’ll drive to your house and force you to talk to me until we’re like peas and carrots again. And when an old friend claims I’m not as much fun as I used to be because I’m not available whenever it suits her, then fine. I'm okay with saying goodbye to worn out friendships. 

The fact is, when you have a child who is medically complicated, you put her first. So, I’m not always available at a moment’s notice. And my party dayslet's just say they are toned down. Like, way, way Sunday School kinda down. I no longer wear fake rubber teeth at a bar and smile at strangers, or chug drinks from a test tube, or dance atop pounding speakers, or sneak onto stage to play tamborine during a concert, or eat poutine with friends at 2 AM.

My husband and I don’t go out together as a couple very often anymore either. Generally we take shifts. I go out with the girls and hubby stays home. Or he goes out and I hold down the fort. And when we socialize together, we usually bring the party to us—at home, close to our children. No frills. No fuss. 

I’ve been writing for Yummy Mummy Club for several years now. I became familiar with YMC on Twitter. I joined the club and started following some of the bloggers. I didn’t literally follow anyone, well except for maybe Sharon, who claims I stalked her. S'if.

One day, Erica tweeted that she was looking for somebody to write a blog about parties. I sent her an email explaining that I knew how to plan a budget savvy party inside and out. And just like Abba, she took a chance on me. 

My very first post explained why I entertain generously but modestly. Entertaining isn’t about perfect presentation or impressing your guests, it’s about presenting yourself as you are. Well, maybe not totally as you are. You might want to put on some pants and maybe run a brush through your hair. Most importantly, it’s about enjoying your guests and surrounding yourself with positive energy and love and wine and guacamole and . . . you get the picture. 

So, maybe I'm not as wild as I used to be, but I still know how to have fun . . . my methods have just changed a little, that's all. Scrabble anyone?

Party on mummies. 

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