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Take My Slap Chop But Don't Touch My...

....Pizza Maker. That's right, my shiny new red pizza maker. When Hamilton Beach came out with this impressive new gadget I knew I had to have it. Well, that's not exactly true. At first I thought, "A pizza maker, really? Isn't that what the oven is for?" And "Holy crock, where am I going to store yet another small appliance?" 

Legit concerns, but as I soon discovered, completely unfounded. 

Why this brilliant appliance gets the Party Mummy Seal of Approval:

1. It's green. Well, it's red, but it's eco-green. Instead of heating up my oven to bake one pizza, I can cook it in my little pizza oven for a fraction of the energy. As well, it doesn't need to preheat. 

2. It's super easy to clean. Just take out the baking sheet, rinse, and that's that. 

3. It's quite flat and tucks away inside my appliance cupboard (it sits on top of my slow cooker). 

4. It's simple to use, quick and efficient, has a timer and auto shut-off. 

5. It's not just for pizza. Essentially anything I used to make in the toaster oven, I now make in the pizza maker. Best part, it can hold much more.


What you can make with it:

Pizza of course. Fresh or frozen, a 12" pie cooks up crisp and delish. 

This is one of our favourites— Indian Naan Pizza. Nom, nom, naan.

Veggies, like asparagus. Cut parchment paper into a circle and bake at level 4 for 8 mins. 

Top with a little olive oil and fresh parmesan cheese.

Grilled cheese (flipped once during baking), garlic bread or bruchetta.

Fish sticks for our weekly fish tacos! (I used to bread the fish myself, but I got wise and now buy the organic breaded fish sticks. Big time saver and still really tasty.)


Where to get it: Online at and and in TruServ retailers across Canada.   

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Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. I was given the pizza maker but I wasn't asked to write about. However, when we kitchen gadget hoarders stumble upon something fabulous, we like to share. Hoarders are good that way.