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Is Forty Too Old For Fart Jokes and Double Dares

How Old Is Too Old To Act Like A Child?

Sometimes it's difficult to tell the adults from the children at my house. I enjoy puns and pranks and wrestling on the floor. I play basketball with my kids and beat them silly at Four Square. We crank up the tunes after school and dance in the kitchen until we're sweaty. Being a kid at heart is one thing (a healthy, awesome thing), but acting childish might be another. 

At what point are we too old to jump on stage with the band, hide under the bed to scare an unsuspecting spouse or to accept childish and possibly dangerous dares? Twenty-two? Thirty-one? Is forty-three the fart joke cut-off?

I may be a mature-ish woman on the outside, but on the inside I'm a silly kid. I'll do anything for a laugh, and I'll often cross the line—all kinds of lines—to get it. 

Like tackling an unsuspecting friend for example. Hi Alex. Or adopting a fake accent, making a prank phone call, smiling broadly at total strangers at a nightclub while wearing fake rotten teeth, or perhaps sticking my head under the chocolate fountain at a wedding. In my defense, the fountain thing was a dare. A double dare actually. Plus, it wasn't my actual head. I merely held a strawberry in my teeth and stuck THAT under the fountain. The chocolate on my neck and ear was simply splatter. It was all very sanitary, I swear. 

So when will the eye-rolls and disapproving looks be enough to stop the silliness?

Or is it even necessary to stop? I figure I'll just start acting like a grown-up as soon as my kids do. 

Works for me. 

What about you? What are some of the silly, dare I say immature, things you do to make your friends and family laugh?

* This particular fountain photo was taken at brunch last weekend. No, I did not stick in my head, thumb and/or any other body parts. The wedding fountain was years ago and I've matured significantly since then. Plus, my in-laws were in line behind me.