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It's Great To Be Grateful

It's The Little, Superficial, Relatively Meaningless Things...

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Every year around Thanksgiving, the internet is flooded like gravy with posts about gratitude. It's wonderfully heart-warming to read about kindness and thankfulness; we need as much positivity as we get. 

I am thankful, too. For so many things like family, health, friendship—the biggies. 

This post isn't about that though. This is about the little things. The seemingly insignificant and somewhat self-centred things that make me feel grateful every day. 

Here's my list of Twenty-Five Silly Things I'm Grateful For:

1. Waking up without a new pimple.

2. Being first in line.

3. Pizza day at school (a day off from making lunches).

4. A new blog comment.

5. Seven consecutive hours of sleep.

6. New episodes of a favourite show added to Netflix. 

7. Pie.

8. No split ends.

9. An empty dishwasher (I despise emptying the dishwasher so when somebody else does it? Well, it rocks my world).

10. A good hair day. 

11. When my jeans fit and don't cut into my midriff like a lasso around a calf. 

12. Puns. Even if nobody else finds them funny, I do and that's enough. 

13. A morning cup of coffee.

14. Fuzzy socks and my Snuggie blanket. 

15. Cell phones. For all the obvious reasons but mostly so I can go about my day knowing that if there's an emergency with my daughter at school, I can be reached anywhere at any time. I am so grateful for this you don't even know. 

16. Finding something (usually my sunglasses or an earring) that I was certain was lost forever.

17. Autocorrect because it messes with people in such a delightfully inappropriate way. 

18. Funny people. 

19. Social media. It's a component of my livelihood and of course I'm grateful for that. But more importantly, it's put me back in touch with old friends, kept me up-to-date with family and friends who are far away, and it's introduced me to new friends who I wouldn't have met otherwise. Holy cow, I'm grateful for you people. 

20. Audio books. 

21. Left-overs. 

22. Sleeping children. 

23. An unexpected FedEx delivery. 

24. Birthday reminders on Facebook. 

25. You. I'm grateful for you. This is not to say that you're a little thing. You're a big thing. You read my blog, you comment, you make me feel heard. Oh sweet lord, here I go getting all stupid sappy and pathetic. But it's true. You care about me, and my family. I can feel it, and I am grateful. 

What little things are you grateful for?