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Oddly Hilarious Party Games

Laugh Until You Split You Pants

What better way to get party guests laughing than to play a silly game? Warning: Heavy laughing may result in snorting, gasping and/or punch shooting out someone's nose.

If you haven't played Awkward Family Photos...

or Loaded Questions... totally should! They're both good clean fun. *Depending on your who your guests are.

WORD GAMES are easy to organize and fun to play. 

"I Never" always gets people laughing....awkwardly. I'm aware that this is a game played by teenagers, but just because we're in our Carlsberg years, are we not entitled to a little nosey, immature fun? 

And then there's "Would You Rather?" This game generally starts off innocently enough with questions like, "Would you rather eat a 5-alarm spicy pepper without water to wash it down or eat the pepper followed by a glass of water, but it's toilet water?"

I've played this game with friends for years. I can assure you, OUR questions were always clean and thought provoking. Okay, the one about being buried alive with only a straw to the surface to breathe through, versus doing that thing with the people in that place which I have been sworn never to discuss...ever again.... wasn't exactly clean, but it was certainly thought provoking. Nightmare provoking even. 

If you have played "Would You Rather" then you need to take a drink. If you have never played "Would You Rather," read this Buzzfeed post, "The 15 Most Difficult "Would You Rather Questions Of All Time" and play along. 

A few of my favourite questions include:

You can read the rest of the questions and play here: Buzzfeed's Would You Rather Challenge

Happy party gaming!