Lisa Thornbury: Party Mummy


Kick The Chip Challenge

We Need A Consequence! Suggestions?

I've lied to myself over and over again saying things like, "I can stop any time I want." Or, "It's not a party without them." Or, "I'll only have a few." Or, "It's a PMS craving that's out of my control. Please (begs husband) run to the store and grab me some!" 

It's time to admit it. I'm an addict. I've been addicted to potato chips since my baby teeth came in.

What the hell do they put in these things to make them so deliciously addictive anyway? I crave them every day. I'm certain there's a conspiracy within the food industry! If I sound like I have a chip on my shoulder, I do. I also have a few on my lap and even more between the couch cushions. 

My waistline isn't getting any smaller and my blood pressure isn't getting any lower. Chips are carcinogenic. The things can kill you.

My friend Sarah Gunn is a fellow chip addict. She kicked the habit for three years — nary a chip passed her lips until a few months ago, and now she's hopelessly hooked once more. The amount of time she and I spend discussing our mutual love/hate relationship with chips is a sign we need to do something drastic.  

So Sarah and I have made a pact. We are going to quit the chip together. But, we need a consequence to keep us on track (and away from the snack aisle). Whoever succumbs to the lure of the Lays first must pay. But what consequence will be enough to keep us on track, yet out of jail? Something embarrassing enough to rub salt (and vinegar) in our wounds, but nothing so severe that it should sour (cream and onion) our reputations. It's imperative that we remain All Dressed. We require a deterrent rigid enough to Ruffles our feathers a bit and keep us honest. 

We need your help dear readers. If one of us should fall of the chip truck, we must ______________? Please leave your suggestions in the comments below and....let the chips fall where they may! *lies on ground and opens mouth wide*

Feel free to follow along (@sarahgunnstyle and @LisaThornbury) on Twitter with the hashtag #KicktheChip and join us on our mission!