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Cleve's Kids Club

One of the best Ontario Resorts for Kids

Clevelands House Kids Club Ontario Resort

I'm a helicopter parent and I know it's a habit I need to break. Though, there are legitimate reasons for me to hover over my daughter; her developmental and medical issues warrant having three eyes on her at all times. Unfortunately my over-protective streak radiates in my son's direction. Okay, and my husband's too. I'm a nurturer/worrier/puppet master. It's in my genes. 

Last summer we were invited to join some Yummy Mummy fun up at Clevelands House, and the Thornburys were excited — all of us for different reasons. My husband was thrilled to be returning to the resort where he vacationed as a child. My son was looking forward to the water park. My daughter was just plain excited about everything because that's how she is. And I? I was ready for some relaxation and quality time with my family, but I was skeptical. Would I actually be able to leave my daughter at the Kids Club? How could I possibly relax without being there to supervise?

Turns out I was worried for nothing. I was able to leave her. Yes I checked my phone obsessively for the next few hours, but I did it. 

Avery had one-on-one supervision. The caring and competent counselors even customized her day so she could transition between her peers and a younger group depending on the skill level required for certain activities. This really is one of the best resorts in Ontario for kids!

I can barely describe the feeling. My son was also in the camp that first day and my husband was golfing. I didn't know what to do with myself. I grabbed a coffee and took a seat in one of the colourful Muskoka chairs on the dock. I sat alone looking out over the lake and marveled at the quiet. It was peaceful. And I, for the first time in a long time, felt peaceful too. 

Well, until the other Yummy Mummies joined me, completely shattering the silence. But that was good too — time with friends, spent catching up. Not talking about our kids and definitely NOT chasing after them. It seems we had all found our happy place and stayed there until our coffee cups were empty.

I admit that I picked Avery up a little early from camp. Not because I was worried, but because I missed her and wanted to spend some time with her in the pool. 

When we asked her the next day if she'd like to go to the Kids' Club, she didn't even have to answer. She had already put her bathing suit in her bag and was heading in that direction. 

Would I recommend The Cleve's Kids Club? Absolutely. My kids were supervised, safe, entertained and fed. And equally as important, they were able to socialize, explore and have adventures, independent and free of helicopter moms hovering over-head...

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