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Race Out And Get Rubik's Race

This Game Is Addictive!

There's none of that "letting the kids win" to boost their confidence around here. Challenge mummy to a board game and you'd better bring it. I *may* bend the rules for my little one, but my nine-year-old is fair game.

We recently tested a game called Rubik's Race. It's a two player game requiring mad spacial sense and planning skills of which I have neither. I can barely reconfigure the furniture in my living room. However, this game is right up my alley.  I love the head to head action (it's set up similar to Battleship, which I rule at by the way). I also enjoy the thrill of the race–it really gets the adrenaline going which either means the game is awesome or I need to get out more? Either way, this game is a big winner at my house.

The first three times I played against my son, I'm proud to say I won each match. *takes a bow and knocks over said son in the process* It's a tough world out there folks and when it comes to gaming, my house is a 'no coddling zone'.

Thankfully I took the time to savour my victories, because after my son had a chance to figure it out, I haven't won a game since. Not once. Fortunately my child is a kinder, more humane human than I am and doesn't gloat. Much.

We attempted to make a video of us playing Rubik's Race but technical difficulties (I need a Mac!!) prevented us from sharing our heated battle. But, here's a video I pinched from Youtube that shows the game in action.

So if you're racing around looking for a fun gift for the family, check out Rubik's Race. It retails for about $19.95 online and in stores including at Mastermind, Chapters/Indigo and Toys 'R Us.

Happy gaming!

P.S. I had a severe Rubik's Cube addiction growing up which may have involved wearing a killer cool (at the time) pair of dangly Rubik's Cube earrings to school every day. Sigh. The 80s were a troubling time...

Disclosure: I was sent a Rubik's Race game to review. Opinions are my own.