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All Hail the Man with the Bag: Capture the Magic of Santa

Yes, *insert name of your skeptical child here*, There Is A Santa Claus!

Do you have a pint-sized non-believer living under your roof? Perhaps a little ankle-biter who is demanding proof that Santa is in fact real?

They're going to find out the truth one day, but the longer you can keep the charade magic going, the better.

Here are three fun ways to invite Santa into your home, thus providing digital evidence that Santa is indeed 100% real! *Crosses fingers behind back.*

The Question Parents Dread At Christmas

1. Check out Santa's Official Reindeer Live Feed at Watch as Santa feeds his reindeer three times a day. My kids thought it was the coolest thing. You can leave live comments in the Facebook feed to the right, and also request that your children's names be included in the scrolling "Nice List."

2. Create a photo of Santa in YOUR home. This is great! Upload a photo of a room in your house, choose an image of Santa, and insert it into the photo. Super cute. Make your photos at

3. Capture Santa on video! Watch Santa Claus walk past your Christmas tree and deliver presents in your very own home! This Santa isn't quite as realistic as the one from Capture the Magic above, so it might be better suited for younger children. Older kids may not buy it, but it's fun for the little ones. You can make your video at

I also really like The Portable North Pole, where you can create a personalized video message for your child. I do this for my kids every year, and they love it.

Happy Christmas, everybody!