Lisa Thornbury: Party Mummy


Halloween Party Food

Frightening Food For A Spooky Mood

Here are a few ghoulishly gourmet, yet frightfully simple treats to serve at your Halloween Party:

I've met some scary cheeseballs in my life, but this one is by far the creepiest! {Link}


Spooky Black Bean Hummus {Link}

Easy but wonderfully gross—serve a plate of Smiley French Fries on a plate covered in ketchup. Kids love to squish down the fries so "blood" oozes from the eyeballs!

How's this for some frightening finger food? {Link}

Creep up some ordinary chicken wings simply by calling them “Vampire Bat Wings” {Link}

Use Halloween-shaped cookie cutters to cut cheese shapes to embellish cooked pizza slices or serve some of these mummy pizza faces! {Link}

There are many creepy cookies and cupcakes to choose from. Check online and you’ll find lots of ideas. I have my EYE on this one. {Link}

Thirsty? Perhaps one of these mortifying concotions will quench your thirst for blood. Pina Ghoulada with an eyeball garnish {Link}

Or Shrunken Heads Apple Cider! {Link}

But remember to go easy party people; too many treats and trips to the punch bowl may result in this...


Have a safe and yummy Halloween everybody!

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