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Personalized Bra Fittings In The Heart Of Toronto

Brava Boutique Has You Covered With Over 180 Sizes

You know I love it when a company considers the shapes and sizes of all women when it stocks its shelves. Brava Boutique adheres to this principal and has got you covered — your breasts that is — offering a whopping 180 sizes in its Toronto lingerie store. How is that for selection?

Owner Christine Lackan, in the biz for over 20 years, knows a thing or two about bras. She warmly led me through her comfortable and discreet boutique which caters to women of every age and size, including some local celebrities. She and her staff (all certified bra fitters) are very accommodating and knowledgeable about the individual needs of each woman in their care and help find the perfect bra within an extensive range including 30-46 A-I cups and sizes XS-5XL. And even though the majority of women wear the wrong bra size, Christine insists there really isn't a "right size" because depending on manufacturers, materials, fit models used and styles, your size will vary. This is why it comes in handy that all the certified fitters at Brava Boutique really know their products in order to select the best fit for each customer.

After Christine brought me a variety of bras — all fitting much better than the one I showed up in — I settled upon the lacy black Thalia bra by Empreinte. But sexy and comfortable? Yes it was! I particularly love that some styles allow for sweet jewellery-like embellishments. A girl needs a little extra bling every now and then. I also developed a fashion crush for Empreinte when I learned that its flagship L' Atelier Lingerie close to the Place Verdôme in Paris, carries a vast size selection while offering a very personalized service with the ability to make each bra as unique as each customer that walks in the door. Bras are personalized in a glass sewing atelier in the centre of the shop with trinkets, and little accessories. Having been to Paris a couple times and being shut out by the sizing, to be able to return one day and have a true French fashion experience would be ridiculously fun. To have that feeling of fashion inclusion travel across the world to my Toronto shopping experience at Brava Boutique is extra special to me, a size 14 woman.

Thalia bra by Empreinte at Brava Boutique

I wear comfy bras much more than my sexy ones so rest assured Brava Boutique covers all needs including bras for everyday wear, sports, special occasion, bridal, maternity, and post-surgical. It also carries a vast selection of loungewear, lingerie and supportive swimwear. If you would like to set up an appointment for a personalized fitting, contact the boutique.