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Are Your Thighs Too Hot To Handle?

Thigh Society provides relief for the terrible 'chub rub'

When it is a million degrees outside like it has been this summer, all I want to do is wear skirts and maxi dresses. Pants...not so much. But here lies the problem — or the rub — if you will, my inner thighs rub together and it becomes ridiculously painful. Pretty sexy right? This has happened no matter what size I was growing up and I took to wearing bike shorts under skirts at an early age. Pretty bulky and not so flattering, but brought relief.

And then I found Thigh Society. Owner and creator Marnie Consky tried everything to eliminate the "chub rub" before being fed up and creating her own company.  She sported bicycle shorts, shaping garments, cut off nylons and leggings, men's boxer briefs, powders, creams, and gels. That's quite the dedicated effort.

I have to admit to trying almost all of those myself!

This year has seen the launch of the company's new microfiber style using Sorbtek technology that actively prevents chafing. Its fabric gusset technology wicks moisture four times faster than competitive fabrics keeping the wearer cool and dry while also being breathable, seamless and soft on the skin. Best of all there are no elastics and the seamless waistband doesn't create a muffin top or dig into your legs. The sizing ranges from a S/M (6-8) through to a 3XL/4XL(22-24) because Marnie discovered that this problem exists for women in a variety of sizes.

I tried out the new style recently and have to say, it lives up to the hype. I've had to wear shapewear in hot weather and there is nothing fun about it — in fact, I rip it off the second I get home. Thankfully this did not happen with the panty short, in fact the fabric was really soft and comfortable. I loved that they did not move — no hiking them up or yanking them down and no digging into my hips and waist either. Another perk — no itchy labels needing to be cut out as the panty shorts are made with tagless labels.

The most important feature for me? The fact that the fabric comes up to my belly button and stays put. I have experimented with similar garments, leggings and shapewear and get the roll-down far too often. It is nice not to be driven crazy.

You can buy Thigh Society panty shorts for $38 per pair in black and beige online or in boutiques across Canada.