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Finally: Fashionable Touchscreen Friendly Gloves

Keep your hands warm while using your cell phone with Quill &Tine Leather Gloves

I always love when I find a new product that gets me saying, “This is perfect! I needed this exactly ten minutes ago!”  I was on my way to the World MasterCard Fashion Week tent in Toronto to meet some amazing new designers brought together by Toronto Fashion Incubator and was juggling my purse, while trying to send a business email on my phone while attempting to keep my hands warm because spring has decided it never wants to arrive.  My left hand remained happily warm while my right became a solid block of ice – can’t type with a glove on!  By the time I got inside, trying to shake someone’s hand was impossible because my hand was frozen. And then what lovely company am I introduced to? Quill & Tine – the smart company creating fashionable leather touchscreen gloves.


Women's Classice Dress Gloves

I have seen some “touchscreen” gloves that claim to enable you to use your phone without having to remove them but they either look like something from a cyberspace movie, or an octopus tentacle – or both.  And gloves with the fingertips removed (insert sarcastic chuckle here) do not merit touchscreen glove status!


Women's Driving Gloves

Created with Italian lambskin, cashmere and lambswool, Quill & Tine gloves employ specially engineered leather on the palm-side that reproduces the human touch so users can use their cell phones, iPads and other devices without taking off their gloves. The process to create this function also makes the leather more durable, water-repellent, wind-proof and soil-resistant.  Having felt the gloves and looked closely at them, I can tell you they are lovely. Also nice to know – each pair is tested to ensure functionality.


Women's City Gloves Front

Women's City Gloves Back

Consider getting a pair for our never ending winter or bookmark the website for shopping in future seasons when even more styles will be available. The line is available for men and women both online and in select stores. Gloves in the women's collection run from $80.50-$120.00.