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Wide Width Shoes That Are Comfortable and Stylish

Two Canadian Companies Offer Up a Wide Variety of Pretty Spring Shoes

If you find it impossible as I do to find cute shoes in wide widths, read on. I am convinced I came out of the womb with giant feet. They keep my almost 6 foot frame standing so I can’t complain. I just wish I didn’t have to cram my feet into ultra-thin shoes every summer or opt for flip flops. At a size 11 (okay a 10.5 but who makes those?), my feet are particularly picky after years of being crammed into size 9s on fashion shoots. They protest and do not play nice anymore.

It is with great joy that I have found wide width shoes at Addition Elle and Penningtons. If you aren’t a curvy customer, you probably would not have thought of popping in for footwear. When Addition Elle launched its wide calf boot collection last fall, I witnessed the mad dash of all my big-calved, bootless friends—from sizes 10 through to plus—to their local stores. Sales were brisk—the boot collection sold out in four weeks!

Addition Elle Spring 2013 Shoe Collection

It’s lovely to see the availability of wider shoes for spring with more to come as the slush slowly melts. A recent visit to Addition Elle saw cute flats, wedges, and heels offered in sizes 7W-11W. I witnessed one customer juggling 3 boxes. With such great price points and shoe prices starting at $29.99, it’s no surprise. I became quite smitten with the espadrille wedge sandals for $39.99 and the mid-calf Billie biker boot at $159.99.

Penningtons Spring 2013 Shoe Collection

Penningtons has had equal success with its newly launched shoe and boot offerings this year. It had one boot literally sell out before it hit the sales floor. Excited curvy women talk! Its size range also runs 7W-11W with several 12W options recently available online. Penningtons has been rolling out its footwear collection across Canada and will be expanding it into almost every store in 2013. It offers several adorable styles including safari wedge heels, wedge booties, ballerina flats and even Skechers wide width runners. I have a large crush on the $40.00 vibrant blue slingback wedge shoe.

Finding 11s are next to impossible so an 11W is a bit of a miracle. A 12W? Even better. And did I mention they are comfortable? It’s actually quite a surprise to be comfortable in cute shoes. I think I need a moment.

Get your wide shoe fix satisfied online or shop in select Addition Elle and Penningtons stores.

Top Image: Penningtons Spring 2013 Shoe Collection