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New Product Alert: These Calibowls are Amaze-bowls!

A New Bowl That Stops Messes Before They Happen!

by: Lara Katz

Does this ever happen to you—you are stirring batter in a big bowl and half of it goes flying out with the turn of your spatula? You didn’t think you were stirring forcefully, but you must have been because there is now flour all over your kitchen counter. I recently discovered a new type of bowl that puts an end to this common kitchen annoyance. These bowls are so great, everyone needs to know about them.

They are called Calibowls and they have an inner lip that prevents food from flying out, forcing what’s in the bowl to stay put. There has been a lot of research put into these bowls, and there is a patent pending technology behind its design. A man named Jeff Bollengier invented Calibowls after he couldn't stand his salsa spilling out of his bowl all the timesomething we can all relate to.  

Calibowls are made out of a bpa-free, non toxic plastic. Their clean and simple look makes you want to whip up a batch of muffins while keeping your messes to a minimum. I have so many bowls, but find there are certain ones I always gravitate towards. My new Calibowls have become my new go-to bowls. The bottom is made out of silicone, preventing the bowls from slipping around. Additionally, they are shatterproof and dishwasher-safe. Calibowls come in a variety of pretty colours I have the lime green ones. I even have the Calibowl made for children, which has a great suction piece on the bottom to prevent my son’s cereal from flying across the kitchen. I use the inner grooved area to clean off the baby food from the top of my spoon as I am feeding my son. They even make bowls for pets!  

Currently, these bowls are available at Crate and Barrel. You will want to get yourself a set asap and put an end to needless messy counters. Say goodbye to your old mixing bowls, because these will be the ones you use from now on. It's time to start eating salsa again!

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