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My Top Five Tech Gift Picks For Him

Gifts Ideas For The Techy Man In Your Life

Angus Reid recently did a survey for Best Buy which said most Moms enjoy shopping for consumer technology, and that moms are largely responsible for purchasing tech gifts this season. This is the time of year I totally prove this to be true. In the past two months, I've received more calls from friends, family and neighbours to answer questions about tech gifts than ever before.

While I was in the store compiling my list of what I wanted for Christmas, my eyes were peeled for things my son, husband, sister and brother in law would like for the holidays.  It only took me a few minutes to track down five things my husband would love.

  5. Logitech Programmable Remote Control (shown above)

If you remember, my husband recently put in a giant screen in our basement. Our current remotes are OK, but we have to use a few of them to turn on all of the electronics. First on his list of Christmas wants is a Logitech programmable remote.  What I love about these remotes is that you can program all of the electronics in a sequence, so say you want to have your TV, DVD, and audio receiver turn on in that order, you can program those actions to your 'Watch a movie' button and they will all turn on in the right order. Click on the 'off' button and they all turn off in the right order too. (Bonus: When the sitter comes over there won't be any more calls about the TV not turning on.)

  4. Cable Wraps

Ok, so you can tell by the look on my face that these are a gift for him, but would also be great for me. Cables are my nemesis. I hate seeing cable clutter, and my husband has a lot of cables.  This is something that will bring us closer together.

  3. Photo Scanner

I loved turning the corner and seeing my husband looking at a photo scanner. This particular one from Kodak is fast, and allows you to feed the photos through, so you spend less time scanning.  We have boxes of printed photos from our early years together that we have to scan in, and this would be the perfect way to do it.

  2. Automatic Car Starter

Canadian winters are cold, and scraping car windows first thing in the morning and then getting into a cold car isn't high on my husband's list of things he likes to do (I don't blame him!) That's why I'd love to get him a Viper Car Starter. The starter range is so good it could work from the other side of our house, and this starter also has a BlackBerry, iOS and Android app that works with it, so you can start your car from your smart phone. And since Best Buy includes the installation in their prices, its one less thing that I have to worry about.


This last choice was a hard one. I considered a new receiver for his home theatre, some multimedia devices that would allow him to watch his movies or stream photos anywhere in the house, but ultimately I decided that the number one thing I'd like to get my husband is -

  1. A Best Buy Gift Card

I know this sounds like an easy way out, but there really is so much for him to pick from. He has tons of Blue Ray movies, and Playstation games that he'd like to pick up, and for him, an hour in the store is just as fun as it is for me.

So there you have it, in the Swanson house, nothing says fun for the holidays like tech gifts. Honey, if you're reading this, I've already picked up the cable wraps, I can't wait to see the look on your face when you open the package.

To help keep your tech-loving guy happy this holiday, one lucky mummy who leaves me a comment below about what tech stuff the guy in your life is coveting will randomly be chosen to win a $100 Gift Card from Best Buy.

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