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My Top Five Tech Gift Picks For Her

Gifts Ideas For Tech Savvy Moms

I'll give you one guess as to where I am seeking out gift ideas for myself for Christmas – and it's not a decorating store. My favourite things usually require an outlet, and a manual (which always gets discarded, because let’s face it, half of the fun of electronics is learning as you play with them right?)

I'm not alone, Angus Reid recently completed a survey on behalf of Best Buy, and results showed that almost three-quarters of Canadian Moms say they are confident and knowledgeable when it comes to making the right decisions about technology gifts.

So, I made my annual list generating pilgrimage to Best Buy to pick out my five dream items for this year’s list.

I will pre-empt this by saying I know that tablets are the 'hot' item this year, but I'm already a tablet user, otherwise you would have seen a line of drool from the front of the store to the tablet section.

Leaving tablets out, here are the top five things I'm hinting and suggesting that my husband consider buying for me for the holidays.

  5. Digital Photo Frame

I know what you're thinking - “Those are SO 2009,” but the truth is, the photo frames of 2009 are not the same as 2011. The most recent additions to the market come in sizes as big as 8x10, and have higher resolution with crisper image display than their older relatives.

Even better, the newest frame from Kodak allows you to sync your files WIRELESSLY which means you can send photos from your desktop or with its customizable email address, your friends and relatives can email pictures directly to the frame. If my husband is reading this, he'll be buying the frame, putting it in our home office, and updating it with pictures of the Geekling all winter long.

  4. Good Headphones

I always wear headphones while I'm working because I'm almost as obsessed with music as I am about technology. But the kind of headphones I like aren't usually the ear buds you can buy at the dollar store. I like bass, crisp tones, and clarity in my music, which is why I've added a pair of cans to my list this year.

Best Buy has a wide selection of quality headphones. I wasted a solid 15 minutes in the store listening to the same track over and over trying to decide which pair I love most. Remember, you can get a really good pair of headphones for $35, but the more expensive brands are usually worth the investment as well.

  3. Nike TomTom GPS Sports Watch

Be still my runners heart. This puppy tracks everything, pace, distance, time, calories and heart rate. It's like they've combined my love of running with my geekiness, and made me excited about running again (which will be super important after I finish eating holiday cookies.) The price tag is less than the competitors, and I'm hoping Santa finds a spot under the tree for this.

  2. Alarm clock docking station for the iPad

iHome makes this great alarm clock dock for the iPad. Here's the cool part, it's not just an alarm clock, it's a speaker system with great bass tones that also charges the iPad. I listened to the demo unit in the store and fell in love. I can't wait to wake up to my favourite playlist, and have instant access to my calendar right from my bedside. (sorry honey)

  1. Playstation Move

I know you're wondering why I put this as my number one item. I LOVE things that let me have fun with the family. The geekling is starting to get into video games, and the thing that brings me the most joy is spending time with him. I've been eyeing the Playstation move for months, but I'll let Santa decide if I've been good enough.

From one Geek Mom to another, I'd love to know what your tech wants are this holiday season. One lucky mummy who leaves me a comment below about what tech toys you're coveting will randomly be chosen to win a $100 Gift Card from Best Buy. Cuz mummies deserve to play too.

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