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Electronic Messages from Santa

Make Christmas A Bit More Magical

One of my favourite Christmas memories as a kid was writing to Santa. I would drop my letter in the mailbag at our Christmas parade, and check the mailbox every day waiting for him to write me back. On the day his letter arrived I felt so incredibly special, and I knew Santa was real.

Most of us know that kids in Canada can write to Santa using Canada Post, but did you know that your child can get an email or personalized message from Santa as well?

Yup, that’s right, the North Pole has become wired. 

Canada Post Santa’s Corner

Canada Post has a cute holiday portal that is home to some holiday games, and a spot that you can email Santa.  

The email section has a simple interface that would be very easy for kids to fill out themselves. Simply enter name, email address and the message for Santa and click submit.   Then wait for Santa to email back!

Sympatico’s Magic Santa

Ok, I LOVE Magic Santa. Let me start by saying this should be filled out by a grown up. It’s much more magical that way. is a web page, where you put in your child’s information: name, sex, location, if they sent a card to Santa this year, if they’ve been naughty or nice what they would like for Christmas etc.  All of this information gets saved on a card at the North Pole, and Santa will reply with a personalized video message using your information.  It’s not a cheesy message either, it's actually really good.

We did this last year, and the Geekling sat with his jaw on the floor as Santa talked about how good he was, and what he wanted for Christmas. 

This year, you can do a video for kids or adults. In fact, I wrote a letter to Santa myself, and he already sent me something back! 

The Geekling sent his ‘real’ letter to Santa this week, and will probably be getting a video reply from really soon. I can’t wait to see his face.  The magic of the season is truly here.

(And Santa, since you have the internet up there and now you’re so well connected and everything, I’m sure you’re reading this post. This seems like the perfect time to mention that I really didn’t mean to burn supper last night, and I will totally replace the chocolate bars I took from the Geekling’s Halloween stash.  You might also find a little Bailey's in your glass of milk this year – you can thank me next year.)