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The Tao of Toddlers

there is some Seuss-like truths buried in the bizarre

Parenting toddlers has a bit of a bad rap, but I love this age and stage! For all its frustrations dealing with a pint-sized dictator, it can be a fun and hilarious time. The headshaking moments of trying to decipher what on earth is going in that little head or what compelled that action makes life interesting. I think, despite the nonsensical presentations, there is some Seuss-like truths buried in the bizarre.

There are lessons to be learned from the Tao of Toddlers:

They live in the moment.

Our toddlers teach us not to rush. They stop and smell the roses... or lick the snow... or roll in the sand, but they do practice a lovely “presence” with their surroundings that we all could learn from.

They take their time.

Time does not matter to a toddler, and if we truly lived the way of the toddler, we would still only have one boot on halfway through the day. But, there is something nice to be taken from this. It slows us down (and then some), but this is often needed. Our lives need a reflective pause button now and then.

They like themselves. 

They like the sounds they can make, the songs they can sing, the chatter they chat especially at bedtime. It is good to like oneself.

They believe in infinite possibilities!

They might want the house moved over there, or want their boots off and on in a way you might find exhausting and impossible to resolve. But anything is possible! That's a nice little idea, isn't it?

They wake up cheerful!

...and animated, expectant, and ready to go. I know I wish I woke up half as happy and energetic as my toddler does.

They love intensely.

They give big hugs and have vice like grips if they don't want you to leave their bed after stories.

They take a break.

Sure, we often must enforce that nap time or they choose to drop off in less than convenient places, but they have a nice siesta, rest their bodies, and are ready and refreshed to terrorize the dog.

They are inquisitive.

Yes, they want to know why, about everything for infinity and you will never hit the satisfying final answer. Yet the train of thought is fascinating no?

They believe kisses and hugs heals all wounds.

I like this belief.


They strongly believe in “alternative facts.”

They took the cookie, you saw them take the cookie, but they insist that they did not take this cookie. You simply haven't considered alternative options. This might not be one we want to run with and isn't too great of a belief in a neighboring President, but it is an age-appropriate struggle and does smack of moxie.

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