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Late but Great: Last Minute Valentine Gifts for Your Love

It's the 11th Hour Attempt that Counts

If the Amazon ship has sailed (without an order from you that is,) and you can't face the quadrupled price for roses or a crowded restaurant, here are some things you can do to celebrate and invest in your relationship on Valentine's Day. Share this with your spouse, the new frazzled mom-friend desperate for ideas, or the procrastinator in your life for this last minute Valentine's Day idea list complete with their relationship building reasons. This list does not include crazy line-ups or reservations! Since time is of the essence, here you go:

The Late Great Last Minute Valentine's Idea List:


Make a Coupon Book


For ideas for the content, print out the honey-do list, massage vouchers, the “I will watch chick flick or Expendables 18” passes, something a bit sexy, or “I won't nag you for the entire day” tickets. Staple together and voila. This little idea can be a win as it can hit a ton of love languages in one fell swoop with service, touch, and quality time.


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Frame a Meaningful Picture


Ignore the cute cat gallery today and do a quick inventory of your photo collection, chances are there are ten million ones you never printed that could bring back a warm fuzzy memory or two. There are plenty of options that have one hour pick ups complete with frames. Reminiscing about the past is about remembering and recapturing an earlier time in your relationship. Reflecting on your identity, who you are, and who you have become as a couple. As you share together you preserve part of your history, the story of your life together, making connections with the past and present. This idea works great for the love language of gifts and quality time during the recollection.


"I Love You Because" Jar


Punch the object of your affection right in the feelings with this list of verbal affirmations. Write out all the reasons and put it on hearts or strips of paper and put them in a mason jar. This could go a long way in the realm of encouragement for someone feeling less than confident right now in their career, as a parent, or simply facing a new challenge.


Cook at Home


Buy some ingredients and whip up a meaningful meal. You could include a fun menu. This idea is full of quality time and with the use of the aphrodisiac, so hopefully it will hit the touch factor in your relationship.


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Make Today Just the Start


Start this list of 30 loving acts on Valentine's Day. The first day is simply breakfast in bed and you can then either elude to another 29 days of gratitude or produce the list to subconsciously say I have really thought about this and wanted to do a bunch of things in succession. The list also includes all your partners love languages with touch, verbal affirmation, service, quality time, and gifts.

It's important to show love all year around but it is nice to stop and reflect on it every so often on special occasions, like Valentine's Day. It doesn't have to be materialistic or commercial in its delivery but it is nice to be acknowledged and choo-choo-choosed once in a while.  

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