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10 Cute Ideas for New Non-Traditional Baby Announcements

How to Announce when you are Announcing...Less Traditionally: The Grand Old Use of Stork

Today, I think the stork could be useful in a time when people's children might have come with the help of rounds of IVF, medication, adoption, international adoption, gestational carriers, foster children, etc. Wouldn't it be easier just to say the stork brought him? Perhaps it's just me. We are having baby #2 through a gestational carrier, and I still find that telling some people about our baby news can be less than simple. I have to throw in so much more information than one simple sentence. At times I am asked highly personal questions about my medical issues, and every so often, someone throws an opinion on the whole process at me. It can be appealing to keep the whole journey private for as long as possible.

However, once having a baby—if through a gestational carrier, or if you have gotten the go ahead with fostering or adoption—your story is going to come out. Unless you are on a soap opera and in a villainous attempt to trap the object of your affection you successfully carried an ever increasing sugar bag on your belly for nine months (I worked in a hospital where the highly believable “Passions" was often on in the patient room), I only fleetingly considered it.


I also thought about sharing our announcement with a proper PR spin, some kind of celebrity endorsement by referencing Bill and Giuliana, Jimmy Fallon, Jordanna Brewster, Elizabeth Banks, and Sarah Jessica Parker. These very “it” people have also walked down this non-traditional route, so it's cool, right? But really, what does it matter? I have a unique story that is only mine and it involves an incredible journey of having biological children through the help and generosity of others, and this is my story to tell.

A headline I caught featured the subtitle "How will you announce that you are expecting?" For me, I guess this is kind of it. But if you aren't choosing to give up all hope for privacy by putting it on the internet for all to see, here are ten cute ideas to announce your unique family expanding journey: