Kelly Flannigan Bos: The Relationship Rescuer


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The Inaugural Undressed Address

I'm not a huge fan of talking about myself in my writing, and that's thanks to years of practice at keeping much of myself out of the room during my clients' therapy sessions. So some of my posts won't have any of me in them at all, but some will, and that prospect excites me a little. So to start, a little about me. Like most therapists, I started out with beholding some decent listening ears. This led to years of good talks and friendships and a belief that I could help others. I pursued the helping profession through my education and eventually narrowed in on counselling. I have had some diverse and fabulous jobs and some truly outstanding mentors. In my early years, I enjoyed the idea of being an expert, which I hardly was, but I knew what I was supposed to say and do in the specific roles I had. As I gained more experience, I realized how little I knew and frankly how little of an expert I was. I think this very realization makes me a better therapist today. The process is very collaborative in my sessions, the client has the goals and I respect this and help facilitate these desired changes in their life. My work is very challenging and enjoyable.

I also love writing, so joining the YMC team has been a culmination of a few loves of mine. Through this blog I want to share the tools I have come across in my reading, training, work and personal experiences. I will also quote pop culture and feel that writing has finally found a home for my over-the-top recollections of many trivial pieces from TV and movies. I have yet to find a good home for my old school rap knowledge, but you never know, it might too find a place hidden in an article. Watch for it!

I do come to you as a relationship expert but I will qualify it with this—I have no expertise on YOU. I simply have my own learnings in my own relationships. I have some tips I have learned along the way, some general guidelines that I think can help, and availability to answer your questions. I encourage you to take and share from my articles what works for you. I also have a bevy of fabulous expert friends with whom I like to learn from, consult, and discuss with, and with whom I will at times introduce you to. Please throw questions or topics my way. I love to teach and I love to learn, and hope to make this blog a collaborative space too! Stay tuned for my article about sex after baby—I share some friendly advice and expert knowledge from Yummy Mummy's in-house doctor, Dr. Kim Foster.

Now, in the spirit of relationships, writing and pop culture, name the movie this is from: “She's gone. She gave me a pen. I gave her my heart.”