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Why Are There No Canadians On Reality TV?

Help Get This Canadian Star On Dancing With The Stars!

I admit, I love watching reality shows. But I'm a bit picky. Not in the calibre of shows (I do love Jersey Shore you know) but in how the show progresses. What I mean by that is the show has to shake it up once and while. I mean once upon a time I would never miss an episode of Survivor or Amazing Race but these days I can't be bothered to watch because it’s always the same.

It also kind of bothers me that Canadians are never allowed to apply for these shows. I mean the networks are happy for us to be influenced by their commercials and buy the merchandise to support their stars, but when it comes to allowing us a chance to participate on the shows, unless you’re a resident of The United States of America, you’re out of luck!

Dancing with the Stars is one of those reality shows that I watch only when there’s a star on there that really grabs my interest. I obviously watched when Kate Gosselin and Shannen Doherty were on, but for the most part these are celebrities that even I don’t know or care about. So wouldn’t it be nice if DWTS allowed for an international range of participants? Wouldn’t you be more eager to watch if a Canadian celebrity were on the show?! I know I would!

Enter CBC Kids star Patty Sullivan, who is currently on maternity leave after having her second baby.

There has been a movement started to get Patty on Dancing with the Stars and I think that it’s a fantastic idea! After all, Patty is a triple threat! Here are 10 reasons why Patty would be amazing on Dancing with the Stars:

10 - The show has a huge Canadian following so why not have a Canadian contestant?
9 - The show has never had a children's host....
8 - Patty is a two-time Gemini Award winner.... the Canadian equivalent to an Emmy.... that would be new for the show
7 - Patty just had a baby.... dancing would help her lose that post baby weight
6 - Patty is a Mom over 40 ... participating on the show would be a great inspiration to other "older" Moms
5 - Patty is a role model for young people across Canada -- that would be a great thing to share with a larger audience
4 - Patty is on maternity leave so has the time to commit to the show
3 - Patty has worked with over 10 different co-hosts over the years.... so she's used to working with new partners!
2 - Patty works with a French fish, a crusty crustacean and an outspoken yam.... hmmm, sounds a bit like three judges?
1 - Patty is fresh-faced, fun and feisty ... great qualities in a contestant!

Seriously, Patty would be the PERFECT choice for this show. Not to mention she’s just about the nicest woman you could want to meet and would definitely be the crowd favourite! So if you want to see Patty on DWTS make sure you head over and ‘like’ the facebook page that is supporting this movement. I know I would watch if Patty were on!

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