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Who Wants To Join My TV Club?

Let's Talk About All Things TV

Who wants to join my TV club?! (please say this in your best ‘Rachel from Big Brother ‘who wants to see my HOH room?’ voice). OK, so we’ve been talking about it for a few weeks now, this whole TV club thing, and I think I have finally figured out a way to make it work. Because after all, there are book clubs and movie clubs and heck, even Party Mummy figured out a way to have a wine club, so why shouldn’t there be a TV club?

The logistics were what was giving me a hard time since there are so many shows on television and we all watch such a wide range of offerings.  Plus Eden Spodek told me that she was out if I picked a reality show so there went a good 50% of my viewing choices, so I had to come up with a plan.  And then I thought 'Why don’t we have a one hour ‘chat’ same time every week, where we can cover all of our favourite shows?' We can host it as a live chat right here on my blog, or we can host it on twitter with the hashtag #YMCTV.

Anyone can join the TV club and you can send in questions or topics to me before hand at [email protected] to discuss. It will be our very own one hour a week that we can talk about the shows we like, the shows we hate and those crazy plot twists that the writers throw at us. I’ll even bring a little gossip to the table.

All I need is for you to tell me that this is something you would like to participate in. I need to know if you would rather have a dedicated chat here on my blog or if you would like to use the hashtag approach on Twitter. I also need to know what day and time would work best for you. Obviously we won't all agree but I'll try to come up with a schedule that works and is flexible.  Would Wednesdays at 9pm est work for you?

So what do you think? Who wants to join my TV Club?! Leave me a comment below!

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