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Do you ever sit down to watch one of your kids’ animated movies and play that game where you try to figure out who’s voicing each character? You know it’s someone famous but you just can’t quite put your finger on it? And when you just can’t take it anymore, you reach for your laptop and hit to figure out whose voice you’ve been listening to before it drives you crazy? I do.

All. The. Time.

While some of the bigger ticket animated movies publicize their famous cast as much as their movie, thus guaranteeing box office success, some movies make a quieter impact at the box office even though they have just as much star power. Movies like Kung Fu Panda, Tangled and Cars even have huge Hollywood premieres for their movies, drawing fans and celebrities alike. Space Chimps was first released in theatres in July of 2008, and although it has a stellar cast of voice talent, it didn’t make a huge impact. This might have had something to do with another animated family movie being released just a month prior, called Kung Fu Panda. That is some unlucky timing. 

But while Space Chimps might have had a fraction of the box office success that Kung Fu Panda did, it had just as much star power in the voice department. Space Chimps features the talents of SNL star Andy Samberg, Glee’s Jane Lynch, Patrick Warburton (who will forever be Seinfeld’s Puddy to me), Broadway star Kristin Chenowith, and movie actors Jeff Daniels and Stanley Tucci, to name a few. It’s the story of the ‘descendants of the first chimps in space as they blast off for fun and adventure on a far-away planet.’ Roger Ebert even gave the film 3 stars and said that "Space Chimps is delightful from beginning to end." How can you not trust Roger Ebert?! And how much more fun can you get than chimps in space?!

So while you may have seen Kung Fu Panda or Cars a hundred times already, it might be nice to settle in and watch a movie that you might not have had the pleasure of seeing already. I haven’t seen this one yet but I have a feeling it will be a big hit with my kids, especially if Andy Samberg is half as funny as he is on Saturday Night Live. So when you tune in on Saturday during TELETOON’s Big Ticket Movie at 7pm to watch Space Chimps with the kids, try this - see how many voices you match to the characters before you have to start googling!  Hours of fun for the whole family!

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