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Turbo Dogs Volume 2

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My kids are creatures of habit – I think they get that from me.  They tend to watch the same shows and movies over and over…mostly because I have control of the remote.  I tend to play what I know will buy me enough time to get dinner started or grab a quick coffee in the middle of the day.  But that gets very boring after a while and makes it so that I can recite the entire dialogue of certain shows in my sleep.   Let’s just say that if I have to watch one more episode of Caillou my head might just explode.  So when I was asked to let you know that the new Turbo Dogs Volume 2 DVD was being released - and that I had five copies to give away to some lucky readers - I was very excited, but also kind nervous – because I had never heard of Turbo Dogs.

To remedy that the nice people at eOne Films sent me a copy of Turbo Dogs which I immediately put into my DVD player. My boys were glued to the TV.  This is already scoring points with me because I am able to make lunch in peace while my boys ooh and ahh at the cool racing dogs on the screen. Turbo Dogs is a super cute cartoon based on the book Racer Dogs about a group of canines who love to hit the race track.  Of course every episode has a valuable life lesson for your kids to learn about, such as friendship, sharing and fair play, but it also features some pretty cool dogs that most kids can relate to as well.

There’s the hero Dash, your typical leading dog who sports a #1 on his racing car, and Mags, who represents for the girls who watch the show.  GT the bulldog is the ‘Mr. Fixit’ dog while Strut is the dog that, in the words of our own Jen Charron, (whose son LOVES the Turbo Dogs) tends to be a bit of a ‘badass’!  They are rounded out by Stinkbert (I think his name speaks for himself) and Clutch – who is the well meaning klutzy dog!

Now when my two younger boys come home from school they ask to watch Turbo Dogs by name.  I love this because it’s always fun to introduce new programs and it’s a really cool show with a great message.   So if you haven’t had a chance to introduce your kids to Turbo Dogs they have a new DVD available now, but you can always try to win a copy here too. 

I'm giving away five copies of Turbo Dogs Volume 2. To be eligible for a chance to win a copy of this new DVD that’s sure to be a hit with your little racer, leave a comment below and tell me – which Turbo Dog character is your child most like? 

I’m gonna be honest - my 4 year old Anthony - is a mini Strut!

Even if you don’t win a copy you can still enjoy Turbo Dogs Volume 2.  Check for it at your local DVD retailer or buy it on

Good luck!

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