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The New Television Viewing Season Has Begun

What Made My List and What Didn't

OK so it’s upon us – the most exciting time of the television viewing watching season – it's premiere week! So while I have been busy as a bee doing this, I have also been fast and furiously setting my pvr’s to try and catch as many new shows as I possibly can.

So a few weeks ago I posted this handy dandy viewing schedule so I could co-ordinate my television viewing time. The only thing missing in there is Dexter that will be premiering this Sunday, September 25th at 9pm est (please watch this show – it is my fave!) I managed to catch a few of my faves as well as a few new shows too, but I have to say – I haven’t been blown away yet. Here’s my wrap up:

How I Met Your Mother, 2 Broke Girls, Two and a Half Men

Love HIMYM – love that they did a dance number to ‘Groove is in the Heart’ and love that Lily is pregnant. But I fear that next week once Gossip Girl starts I won’t be able to remain a loyal viewer. Chuck Bass has that effect on me. I did tune in to 2 Broke Girls and I was really pleasantly surprised. It was funny, smart and has surprisingly good acting. I think I will be back for this one. I had to watch Two and a Half Men just to see how they would handle the whole Charlie Sheen thing, and I actually liked it, and I liked Ashton Kutcher. Not sure if I liked it enough to be back, but a solid maybe.

The Playboy Club

OK, I had no idea this was even a show. Seriously, I heard no promotion for it at all, I just happened to come across it while channel surfing. I liked it enough, but not sure if I will even remember what day and time it was on.


Glee gets and exclamation mark because I love it so, and I think I love it more now that Jane Lynch did such a bang up job hosting The Emmy Awards. But I don’t like Sue Sylvester so much anymore and her role is getting to be a bit old for me. Actually I didn’t love the season premiere as a whole, but I did love many parts of it. I love that Darren Criss’ character of Blaine is now an official Gleek, I love that some fave characters will be graduating this year and I love the new character of Sugar. Best described as a cross between a Real Housewife and Fran Dresher, I have a feeling Sugar will be a treat to watch. So even though Sue’s shtick is getting old, I will definitely be back next week.

The New Girl, Raising Hope

I tuned in to The New Girl thinking it was some kind of spin off of Happy Endings only to realize that it wasn’t but that both shows star Damon Wayans Jr. I’m still confused. I liked it – will probably tune in next week. Raising Hope makes me laugh out loud every week and last night was no difference. The fact that Greyson Chance had a guest starring role made me like it more. Watch this show if you aren’t already.


I love me some Sarah Michelle Gellar and I really wanted to like this show, but I found myself flicking right past it last night. I watched the series premiere but it just didn’t make an impression on me. Hope I don’t regret that.


Um, my husband shakes his head at me every time I turn this show on all while reminding me that I am no longer in high school. Well, neither are the kids from West Beverly High. Sadly, the show that started out as lacklustre at best just got worse and couldn’t even keep me interested for the season premiere. All I know was one of those dumb kids proposed to another and thankfully she had enough sense to say no. I don’t like my young, rich and beautiful television children settling down.  I like them being rich, beautiful and carefree. Maybe that's why I like Gossip Girl so much. It is a pass for me.


For the first time in years I tuned in to the premiere of Survivor. Nice to see that nothing has changed. Although I did notice that my kids really liked watching it, so if for nothing else I might just watch because it’s something the whole family can enjoy. Also I would really like it if they could bring bathing suits.  Seriously, enough with the underwear.

So, that’s what I’ve liked so far. I can’t wait for the Emmy Award winning Modern Family to premiere tonight, as well as The Big Bang Theory on Thursday.

So tell me, what you have like so far and what can’t you wait for?

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