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The 2012 Golden Globes: Did Ricky Gervais Let Us All Down?

Another Boring Awards Show

If this year’s Golden Globes has taught me anything it’s that everything is better with twitter. As I sat down to watch the 69th annual Golden Globes I was certain that it would be much better than the last major awards show that I watched – the Academy Awards—hereby known as the worst awards show ever. And it was better, marginally.

The event, which is normally the most entertaining of awards shows thanks in large part to the face that the actors are served alcohol with their dinner, was a bit of a snooze fest this year. But I think we might have had too high expectations. All of us went in to the show not caring about the awards or the fashion or even the actors themselves, we all wanted to see what Ricky Gervais would say. Sadly, he really said nothing.

Last year all the talk post-Globes was about how funny and offside and biting and witty Gervais was as a host. How he was tossed aside mid-show because the A-listers couldn’t handle being the butt of his jokes and how he reprimanded for his remarks. So needless to say we were all a little surprised when The Hollywood Foreign Press announced that he would be hosting yet again. And Ricky Gervais assured us that he would not be censored, that he would be the same funny, crass, take no prisoners sort of host everyone was looking for. Ricky Gervais lied.

So amid the tame jokes and the boring speeches there were some highlights—like Seth Rogen’s hilariously inappropriate comment when introducing himself alongside Kate Beckinsale, William H Macy and Felicity Huffman showing how adorable they are by singing their intro, the ever charming George Clooney borrowing Brad Pitt’s cane to walk onstage to introduce Moneyball, and when Octavia Spencer mouthed the words ‘Oh My God’ to her table 10 The Help co-stars showing her true surprise as winning the Best Supporting Actress award. 

Were we expecting too much? Did Ricky Gervais overpromise on his performance? In a nutshell, no and yes. And all I know is thank goodness Billy Crystal agreed to host the Academy Awards again, because at this point he might be the only one that can save The Award Show.

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