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Skatoony! The Game Show For Kids

I admit it – growing up I was a huge game show fan. I would sit and watch The $10000 Pyramid, Wheel of Fortune (back when you would actually buy prizes with your winnings!) and of course Hollywood Squares (the Jim J Bullock version). Game shows were fun to watch because you could interact with the people on the TV and it was a show you could watch with your parents and you’d all enjoy it. 

So I was pleasantly surprised when I heard that TELETOON has just started airing a new game show that is aimed at kids! Skatoony is an original series, but if it sounds familiar that’s because it’s based on a UK series of the same name - only now with Canadian content.

Skatoony is a trivia game where the real kids compete against animated characters in trivia rounds titled “Bang on or Bogus,” Draw What You Hear and Shout Out When You Know What You’ve Drawn” (oh how I love how literal that topic is!) and “Hoo Flung Dung.”

A typical question might be – ‘Bang on or Bogus: the oak leaf is on the Canadian flag’? Or, ‘which province hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics’? Which I love because if my kids are going to be watching TV I prefer that they not be all zombie like and staring into space but actually interacting, and maybe even learning something. It’s also pretty cool because it combines real kids with animated characters in kind of a ‘Hollywood Squares’ style competition. Did I mention how much I loved Hollywood Squares? 

And the best part – it’s Canadian! Yay Canada! The show features Canadian creative talent, and Canadian trivia questions, so you can really see if your kid is paying attention in school! Skatoony airs Thursdays at 6:30 on TELETOON and they also have a website that you and your child can check out too that has games, downloads and even karaoke!
Check out the video below of the show – I love that while the kids look like they’re having a blast you can also see how serious they are when they’re answering the trivia questions! Yay for making learning fun! So check it out and see who knows more Skatoony trivia – you or your child!

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