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Ottawa Couple Robbed While Infant Daughter Hospitalized

Community Steps Up to Create 'Charlotte's Fund'

Chris and Melannie Eldridge welcomed daughter Charlotte into the world almost two weeks ago. Sadly the little girl was born with a condition that requires her to be under intensive neo-natal care at CHEO, so these new parents are spending their time watching over their daughter in a hospital bed instead of cuddling her and cooing over her and enjoying being new parents. They haven’t even held her, or heard her cry.

I have had a baby exactly four times, and all four experiences were unique. But when I read about Chris and Melannie, my heart broke for them. Because their pictures and their experiences were all too similar to one of my birth experiences. Almost immediately after I delivered my 4th child Joey – before I got to hold him or even really see him, he stopped breathing. The nurses rushed him immediately out of the room and he spent the first 13 days of his life attached to a respirator at CHEO. To say that it is an emotionally and physically draining experience is an understatement. 

Unfortunately, to make matters worse for Chris and Melannie, someone broke into their home while they were at the hospital watching over their infant daughter. The kicked in their front door and stole anything and everything of value while tearing their home apart. Chris and Melannie do not have insurance. Chris and Melannie do not need to add this to their list of things to worry about – a sick child is more than they need. When I read about this it made me sick to my stomach because I know exactly the emotions that Chris and Melannie are experiencing right now. 

But Ottawa is an incredible community, and immediately the people of this city have stepped up to help and rallied around this couple. The Ottawa Citizen reported that after the story broke people contacted the paper and CHEO offering financial help, cleaning and cooking help as well as moral support.

Friends set up a trust fund and local radio station Majic 100 (home of our very own Conseulo Bernardi) has even dedicated a page on their website to help raise money. If you’d like to help Chris and Melannie, the fund is called 'Charlotte's Fund' and donations can be made at ANY Scotiabank in the Ottawa area, account # 40006 002 0274518.
Donations can also be made by cheque and sent to:

Cresa Partners Ottawa
85 Albert St suite 502
Ottawa Ont K1P 6A4
attn: Clayton Thorkelson for Charlotte's Fund

So even though something terrible happened to this family it never ceases to amaze me how wonderful this city is. Good job Ottawa.

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Image Credit: Ottawa Citizen