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Kim Kardashian's Over-Exposed Wedding

Aren't Weddings Supposed to Be Sacred?

By now I’m sure you’ve heard that reality TV starlet Kim Kardashian married Kris Humphries in a lavish ceremony on August 20. And the reason I’m sure you’ve heard about it is because it seems that the Kardashian klan has sold the rights to every minute detail of the intimate affair so as to assure you’ve heard of it. And if your invite was lost in the mail don’t worry because E! will air a 2 part series on the blessed occasion so you can watch everything from the proposal to Kim shopping for her designer wedding dress to getting her eyebrows waxed the night before she walks down the aisle.

I am not a Kardashian fan. I can’t stand how all these grown women speak in baby talk and I hate that they abuse their influence by peddling whatever product will give them the most money. But I understand that they are a commodity and I at least respect that they know they are a commodity and that their time in the spotlight will pass soon enough so they want to capitalize on it as much as possible. But weddings are supposed to be sacred. Weddings are supposed to be romantic and lovely and all about the bride and groom, but this wedding was one big commercial. It was probably the most pimped out wedding since Star Jones married Al Whateverhislastnameis. It wasn’t a wedding, it was an event. But the worst part is that they likened it to The Royal Wedding! E! Online even had an entire section of their website dedicated to updating readers about every single detail. Sorry, not even close to the Royal nuptials. It was tacky and crass and more like when Ryan and Trista from The Bachelorette than anything close to when the Prince and Princess got married. This was one big commercial for the upcoming season of Keeping up with the Kardashians that doubled as a wedding.

So who is Kris Humphries? Who knows and who cares, because this wedding was all about the Kardashian ladies. It was about her dress, and her gifts, and her nails, and her dress code and about excess. This is a wedding that is rumoured to have cost in the area of $10 million dollars – but none of that was actually spent by the Kardashian ladies. Of course not – because when you’re a Kardashian people give you things in exchange for the publicity. So while you can accuse them of being greedy and remind them that there are children starving to death right now in Africa, the big problem here isn’t just the Kardashian wedding but the fact there are enough people eating this shit up that businesses are willing to give her – to the tune of $10 million, an entire free wedding! And to top it off she will probably make more millions off the wedding by selling every single moment, including selling her wedding pics to People magazine for $1.5 million. I mean the woman doesn’t leave the house without a camera crew in tow so it really shouldn’t be any surprise that she would sell off the rights to what should be the most sacred day of her life.

The good news is this seems like it might be the beginning of the end for the Kardashian Empire. People seem to be disgusted by this blatant display of greed and excess and ‘me me me-ness’ that hopefully we are seeing the effects of over-exposure, similar to what happened to those who came before them. The Paris Hilton’s and Heidi Montag’s of the world, which were once the darlings of the reality TV world are now nothing more than a punch line. Hopefully the same will follow suit soon enough for the Kardashian women, who are seemingly only famous because Kim decided to film herself having sex one day and sell the tape. Oh, she probably wishes people forgot about that little detail.

As soon as the ratings begin to drop on their hit reality show, and as soon as the endorsement deals start to dry up you can expect the talk of marital strife to begin – anything to try and create interest. Remember when Speidi tried to do that?! And no one cared. At least the Kardashian’s seem to have a bit more in the bank than Spencer and Heidi did so you won’t have to feel sorry for them. With any luck at all these ladies will fade into the background sooner than later. I for one can’t wait.

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