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I Want Chelsea Handler To Be My Friend

Every Woman Could Use A Friend Like Chelsea

I have a confession to make – I don’t like the Brangelina.  Nope, not even a little bit.  Sure they might have 6 of the most gorgeous kids in Hollywood today, but I still don’t like them.  And yes, I believe that Angelina Jolie is a home wrecker and Brad Pitt is a filthy adulterer.  So when Chelsea Handler decided to take pot shots at Angelina Jolie during one of her stand up shows, all I could think of was ‘F**k yeah!’

See interestingly enough Chelsea Handler had just celebrated Thanksgiving with Jennifer Aniston in Mexico, while Jen’s ex-husband was with his new love and their 6 children in Paris.   Hmmmm, kinda makes you think that the ladies might have been trashing the ex while in Mexico, no?!  Now lots of people will think that it’s time Jennifer should move on, if in fact Chelsea’s latest tirade was a result of that Mexican vacation.  And I do too, to a point.  I mean if it was you or me, and we were on a girls only trip, ABSOLUTELY would the topic come up in conversation – especially after a few margaritas.  That’s not ‘not moving on’, that’s just being a girl.

See in Chelsea’s routine where she mocks Angelina about not having any female friends – I get that.  Because unlike Angelina, I’m a girl's girl.  And as a girl’s girl it’s the unwritten rule that you never, ever trust a boy's girl.  That’s the girl that can’t get along with other girls.  Stay. Away. From. That. Girl.  Are there exceptions to the rule? Sure there are.  But Angelina is not one of them.

So when I heard that Chelsea Handler talked a bit of smack about Angelina in her stand up routine I thought ‘Now that’s a girls girl – sticking up for her friend!’  See Angelina has a new movie coming out with Johnny Dep called ‘The Tourist’ which looks absolutely shit-tastic, so of course she’s been whoring herself out to the masses as much as possible in hopes of ensuring a good box office return, even though the buzz around the movie is really quite bad.  That’s why you’ve seen countless pictures of her and her kids, her and Brad, and her on the set of her new movie every single day on the gossip blogs.

Now it’s no secret that back in the day I was on Team Aniston.  I mean for the love of God, my girlfriends and I all bought the Team Aniston shirts off e-bay from Kitson - that’s how much we were on Team Aniston.  Because every time I look at Angelina Jolie all I can see is a woman who hooked up with a married man.  And now when I look at Brad Pitt (who really used to be so heavenly to look at) all I can see is a man who left his wife to hook up with Angelina Jolie. 

Chelsea Handler took to her twitter account to defend her stand up routine stating that;

I have been making fun of angelina jolie for years. Period.

So I get it, and I applaud it.  We all need friends like Chelsea Handler, the kind of friend that’s willing to say the things that you want to say, but can’t. The kind of friend that’s not afraid to piss others off for saying what she thinks.  And the kind of friend that will drink margaritas in Mexico with you and always have your back.  Have a look at Chelsea’s video and let me know if you think she went too far.  Caution - there's some spicy language in there so it's not safe for work.

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