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I Don't Watch The Bachelorette - But Now I Wish I Did!

Ashley and Bad Ass Bentley

If you haven't watched The Bachelorette stop reading now to avoid spoilers. OK I admit – I don’t watch The Bachelorette or the The Bachelor. I have watched in the past but I think that once you get to the 15th version of a ‘reality’ show it’s time to put it away because the formula is so predictable that there’s no more reality to be found. If I wanted to watch a bunch of horny lovesick singles hooking up I’ll watch Gossip Girl.

But last night I kept seeing references on Twitter to something that happened on the show that must have been a bit shocking so this morning, while doing laundry, I watched ‘the scene’ on my phone.  If you watched you know exactly what scene I'm talking about.  Turns out the guy that was the front runner for Bachelorette Ashley’s affections was really just some player dude that wanted to get on TV. He didn’t even find Ashley attractive and only went on the show hoping that the Bachelorette would be a different contestant from a previous Bachelor series. So, while mugging for the camera, Bentley (seriously – if that name isn’t your first clue that the guy’s a player I don’t know what is) decides to tell Ashley that he’s leaving the house because he misses his daughter while telling the producers it's really because he doesn't find her remotely attractive and thinks she is really annoying.  Love it!

So a lot of people were talking about what an ass Bentley was and how he was such a jerk, but I think he was hilarious! Seriously, this is a dude who full on admitted that he wasn’t attracted to Ashley and that he didn’t want to pretend he was, even though he probably could have left the show as her fiancé. I would much rather watch someone like Bentley than the loser dude who wore the mask! I mean you have to appreciate that this guy just proved that shows like this – that feature strangers who fall in love and get engaged after a few weeks, are ridiculous! 

I also had to appreciate that even though he was breaking her heart, he was still trying to get lucky. Honestly, the guy’s commentary was killing me! And how stupid and naive was Ashley? I’m sorry, but even when Bentley was ‘letting her down easy’ that girl was acting like a stage 5 clinger! HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU!!! No wonder she wasn’t picked on the last show. The Bachelorette shouldn’t be the girl acting desperate here when she has a house full of men fighting for her affections. Someone has some men issues.

Don’t worry though friends, you haven’t seen the last of Bentley. Honestly I will be tuning in for the cheesy reunion show just to see more of his cocky personality, all while Ashley cries and talks about how much she loved him, making me think that she got exactly what she deserved. I also predict that he will become the next Bachelor, and you can bet that I’ll be tuning in for that one!

So tell me - what did you think of what Bentley did? 

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