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What Will the Neighbours Think?

Why I need to worry less about the neighbours and more about the kids

What will they think? That’s a question I ask myself way too often. I’m confident in who I am and the decisions I make, but I STILL feel like I’m constantly asking myself what others will think??

The recent concept of the documentary The Bully, has really made me think about the values we place on other’s opinions and how even as mothers, we often rank what we think others think of us ahead of what we think is right. I was reminded of this recently.

With all the nice weather we’ve been having lately, I set up our toddler basketball net on the driveway and headed out to play with the boys. Oliver (my two-year-old older son) was beside himself with excitement when I mentioned we would be ‘shooting hoops’ after afternoon snack. Harrison (only four months) couldn't care less—it was almost naptime and his belly was full.

So outside we went. I put Harrison in his stroller, where he promptly fell asleep. Oliver and I began playing basketball.

In my head I was thinking, I wonder what people think of me just leaving Harrison in his stroller to sleep? Should I have put him in his crib for his nap and brought out the monitor?

What would the neighbours think then? I’m wearing my “indoor only” cozy clothes—I hope people don’t think I’m lazy because I’m dressed like a slob. I hope Oliver doesn’t run on the neighbours’ lawn again, what will they think if I can’t even get him to listen to me about staying off their lawn?

Then I looked at Oliver. Not a care in the world. A car drove by with the music blasting, Oliver stopped playing and started busting a move. Some kids rode by on their bikes, Oliver started shouting at the top of his lungs “Hi kids! Nice bikes!”

He made me stop and realize—it doesn’t matter what others think. The baby is outside getting fresh air, I’m outside spending quality time with my son enjoying the beautiful weather.

It was in that moment I decided that I need to be more conscious and confident in my decisions and worry less about what others will think. If they judge, that’s their burden, not mine.

The only thoughts I care about are Oliver and Harrison’s!   

I’ve set myself a goal: I’m going to worry less about what others think and think more about the big picture and set an example that it’s 100% okay to beat to your own drum.

Five fun things to do now that I’ve stopped ‘caring’ (you should too!)

 Make a funny video with my child and POST it on Facebook for a good laugh.

 Run through the sprinkler with my child. On the front lawn. Maybe even in my bathing suit!

 Wear clothes that make this parenting job easier, not fancier.

 Follow my gut. All the time. Mama instincts are the right thing for your child 100% of the time.

 BLOG more!! Lay it on the line and take it as it comes. There’s nothing like public scrutiny to toughen up sensitive skin!

Thanks to Lisa from momstown Burlington for this honest, funny, and insightful post.