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Turn Your House Into a Winter Wonderland

Easy winter crafts for all ages

When the weather turns cold, sometimes you need a few extra tricks up your sleeve to keep the kids busy and happy indoors! You can create a winter wonderland inside your own house—with stuff you have in your kitchen and craft cupboard already.

Crafts with a yummy twist
Got sugar? Got glue?

Make a sugar snowman craft!

Marshmallows in the pantry?

Make snowmen with marshmallows, raisins, and toothpicks like Momstown Oakville did at a recent Junior Chefs playgroup.

Mini marshmallows are perfect for building igloos—don't tell the kids they're practicing fine motor skills at the same time!

Make snowmen without the snow

Cotton balls make great (cosy) snowballs – add a few more details and you’ve got a snowman. Momstown Burlington ran a winter playgroup and all kinds of snowmen emerged—indoors!

Need to get the kids up and moving? Get shaking with a snowman shaker you can make from socks and a plastic jar—Momstown Calgary North created this cute little guy!

Mittens that won’t get lost

No lost and found for these mittens! Momstown Edmonton-South had a Snowman and Mittens playgroup and made these adorable paper mittens. Kids can practice matching and symmetry skills as they decorate. Momstown Milton had fun creating some mittens of their own - and also had a sensory corner complete with real snow brought inside for the kids to enjoy!

Cosy up with your kids at the craft table on indoor days and enjoy the fun the snow (real or created) can bring!